Top 20 Cute Personalized & Monogrammed Tote Bags Review

Do you want to stand out from the crowd on the beach? Then a cute monogrammed tote Bag is the essential accessory!

Monogrammed or personalized bags are a great way to keep track of your belongings while showing off your personal style.

With so many similar style beach bags on the beach, it’s not surprising that someone may accidentally pick yours up by mistake or you may go home with the wrong bag.

Having your name and or initials on your bag will make certain that everything you came to the beach with will be the same exact items going home with you.

So you see a Personalized Beach Bag is not just a nice to have it’s n essential beach accessory!

Why Monogrammed Bags? What’s So Special About Personalized Beach Tote Bags?

Going to the beach or pool is an activity that a lot of people like to do. It’s fun, refreshing and a great way to stay cool during the summer heat.

That’s why more often than not; the beaches and pools are packed with people, from single guys and gals to families with small and big children. Having a monogrammed bag will help you identify your personal belongings.

If a stranger were to accidentally pick it up by mistake, you can verify that it’s your bag and not theirs by simply pointing to the name on the bag. This saves a lot of time when clearing up confusion, not to mention, it also saves you the embarrassment of having to go through the private contents of the bag just to prove it’s yours



Choosing Your Monogrammed Bag

Monogrammed bags come in so many different colors and designs. They’re highly customizable and can be fashioned to fit your exact style.

Many places let you choose the color, font and size of the word or name you’d like monogrammed. There are also different types of bags to choose from, such as totes, beach bags, hand bags and even picnic bags.

You can have anything written on the bag and it doesn’t have to be limited to your name. Some people get their lucky numbers, a significant symbol, a family crest, nick names, or even addresses monogrammed onto their bags.

But you’d probably want to choose something more permanent than an address or a phone number, unless you know for a fact you’re never going to move or change cell phone numbers.

In addition to going to the beach or pool, you can also take your monogrammed bags to the store, mall, on a date, or wherever. They’re as versatile as they are practical. Complete your beach attire with a monogrammed bag today.

Cute Monogrammed Tote Bags Made for Flaunting

Whether you’re traveling with a baby in tow or embarking on a weekend jaunt with friends or hubby, or visiting relatives, you’re bound to get much attention with one of the trendy monogram tote bags dangling from your arms. These bags are made for flaunting. They’re so versatile and come in alluring styles suited for an overnight trip, a casual family gathering, or even a cocktail event.

Monogrammed totes bearing your lady love’s initials or nickname, with designs that’ll suit her, can bring a smile to her face. Such totes can be coordinated with outfits and shoes, given the wide range of pretty or classic elegant designs and colors made available by various retailers. A single or three-letter monogram which may be barely be noticeable or boldly emblazoned in the user’s favorite color on the bag.

Most tote bags have special lining and useful compartments to store keys and gadgets. Modern styles are shaped in such a way as not to easily bulk even when you stash your snacks, books, bottled water, wallet and gadgets inside. Unless you’re eyeing the latest arrival in designer tote which can do without a monogram, a quality handcrafted tote can be very affordable as it can work double duty as purse & carry-all bag while letting you arrive at your destination in style.

Indeed, dressing up can be fun, especially if you have accessories like monogrammed tote bags in pretty summer colors like watermelon, lime green, oranges & yellows or autumn hues like burgundy, or elegant fashion colors like crimson, brown, blue, gray, white or black. Let the designs suit your mood or destination. Go with floral or zebra prints if you’re traveling out of town, or choose classic and elegant black with geometric shapes and a single monogram when attending a dinner party.

Monogram totes also make wonderful gifts. You can choose to have a stylish tote personalized or a unique, flirty, or preppy-looking backpack monogrammed for a friend who’s on the family way. If your friends are raring to have the trendy patent look that’s in vogue for some time now, splurge and indulge. Now if nothing less than a tote with the classic monogram design of a famous bag designer, complete with original golden brass hardware will do for a family member or special friend, check your finances first. You may downgrade a bit to a phone case in monogram canvas. More than the little indulgences that can add a definite oomph to an outfit, it’s the thought that counts.

Have an eco-conscious bunch of friends? They’d surely love receiving biodegradable tote bags personalized with their names or a short clever phrase. Canvas tote bags with your company’s logo will also make unique yet functional giveaways.

Some tips and ideas for monogram tote bags

What is a tote bag? It is nothing but a handheld bag or a big purse that is used for carrying a variety of things like cosmetics, clothes, books or nay other item of everyday use. It can be made from materials such as leather, canvas, nylon, etc. Monogrammed tots are used to carry objects from one place to another. The monogram is a design made by overlapping or combining graphemes or letters to create a logo or a symbol.

Using monogram totes is the ideal way to carry your personal belongings in a proper and well organized way. Their design makes the bags more fashionable. These designs are embroidered using various colors based on the selected design. Nowadays, they are mostly made from cotton, linen, leather, plastic or polyester material. Their handle is made from leather, plastic or even cotton materials. They generally have compartments that make your process of organizing easy. The big divisions can be utilized to keep clothes, books, or any other larger accessories; whereas the smaller ne are used to store keys, mobile phones, cosmetics, etc.

In many of the monogram bags, there is an outer pocket to keep other things that do not require much of the security. Here, you can place the small papers, books, water bottles and plastic bags. It is always recommended to select the totes that are easy to clean and maintain and the ones having high durability. Go for the ones that are of the correct size to accommodate your needs. If you are aware that you will be carrying clothes, books or any such bigger items, then it is better that you do not go for smaller ones.

These tote bags are quite handy during traveling, both either long or short distances. One can store their necessities all in one in these bags.