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Best Multifunction Rejuvenating Facial Machines

Is the LCL Beauty 13-in-1 The Best Multifunction Facial Machine out there? You probably are wondering about that, considering the feedback so far, and the sizable investment you’d have to make.

LCL Beauty 3 in 1 High Frequency, Facial Steamer & Magnifying Lamp Multifunction Machine

LCL Beauty 13-in-1 Multifunction Beauty Machine Review

So far, though, it’s looking like it just might be the best out there especially if you’re looking for one to be used in a salon setting. Plus, you get a lot for $$$. The industrial-grade multifunction machine boasts of 11 functions that allow you to perform a facial for your clients efficiently and safely.

Plus, you get a free Skintensify Starter Kit, which includes: disincrustation solution, facial cleanser, clarifying toner, oil-free moisturizer, and conductive skin gel. It’s amazing what one machine can do for you and your clients. In this post, you’ll get to find out why this galvanic device is all you need for your beauty needs.

Galvanic Current

The galvanic machine uses a gentle electric current to do the job. It has 2 functions. The first function, Iontoderm (disincrustation), is a chemical process that deep cleanses the pores in order to turn the sebum (the skin’s natural oils) into soap (the saponification process) to deep cleanse the dermis. The second function, Iontophoresis, facilitates penetration of the product. This is based on the magnetic poles process.

High Frequency

In the high-frequency function, ultraviolet electrodes increase circulation and sterilize the skin. The device eliminates bacteria in order to rapidly heal and get rid of blemishes.

The 4 glass electrodes include:
• Spoon Electrode to target areas like bags/dark circles under eyes.
• The mushroom electrode to treat broad areas like the forehead.
• Rake/Comb Electrode for stimulation of scalp to promote a growth of new hair.
• Sparker (Zapper) Electrode is meant for precise sterilization and sparking of pimples.

Other Specifications and Features

Aside from its galvanic current and high-frequency functions, the device boasts of other features.
• Exfoliating massage rotary brush – The brush attachments aid in the application of creams and solutions to the skin. The attachments also help in exfoliation and provide a gentle massage to the skin.
• Vacuum extractor – This removes blackheads and pimples.
• Spray diffuser – This function gives a light refreshing mist for a hydrating and cooling effect.
• Herbal aromatherapy facial steamer – To give off a high-pressure steam to the skin, the steamer heats distilled water. This can relax face muscles and open pores to help extract impurities.
• 2-in-1 Ultraviolet sterilizer & towel warming cabinet – Here, you can heat up your dry or wet facial towels to give your customers a comforting and soothing warm experience.
• 5x (16 Diopter) magnifying lamp
• Wood’s lamp skin analyzer – This is to diagnose skin conditions and types.
• Instrument storage tray and utility bowls
If you’re looking for those features, you may get this tool from Amazon.

Customer Scores and Reviews

The LCL Beauty 13-in-1 Multifunction Machine isn’t called the best  for nothing. It has everything you need to deliver the perfect facial.

So far, there are not many reviews for this product, which has a 4.5/5 rating on Amazon. However, the reviews here are glowing. One customer says her customers dig the aromatherapy feature and how the entire face benefits from it. This customer is pleased with the multi-function machine.

Another customer, who is a solo aesthetician, says the unit is awesome and a third customer says that the machine is great. There are also a few customers who manage to nit-pick this product. While one says it’s the best facial equipment, there are no instructions that come with the product.

That can be remedied as the manufacturer can e-mail the manual to you. Another customer says the product is great, affordable, and arrived on time. This customer also says that the steamer could be improved. Those are just small matters that can be fixed easily. Nevertheless, this product is a must-have for your salon.


The LCL Beauty 13-in-1 can take care of your facial performing tasks effortlessly, and you can easily buy spare accessories from the manufacturer with no hassle. This is the best product you need.
It’s easy to use if you are in the beauty industry. If you’re not, the easy-to-follow manual (e-mailed at the time of purchase) can be your guide. With this beauty machine, you don’t have to look for any other product superior to it.

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