The Best Natural Acne Treatment in 2018

If you are of the opinion that acne is solely a condition that attacks teenagers in the throes of hormone overload, you are either very lucky or you were raised on Mars. Adult women and men get acne too. In fact, over three-quarters of all adults are subject to attacks of acne after their teenage years.

Many adults find recurrent bouts of acne are encountered sometimes as long as into the thirties or forties. Finding a satisfactory acne remedy is vital for these adults in order to clear the adult acne. These remedies may not be the same ones as are identified for adolescent acne.

Top Natural Remedies for Acne of 2017/2018

Products Further Damage Mature Skin

Most acne medicine was created with the concept that it would be used on young and commonly oily skin. However, the skin of mature individuals is not oily, in fact may be either normal or somewhat on the dry side.

The standard products can be too drying for treating mature skin. The solution for the mature acne sufferer is to research natural acne products. These are more likely to be gentle and non-irritating for sensitive skin.

Herbal concoctions

Using herbal products to fight successfully against acne is just a matter of researching the subject and making the effort to prepare or purchase the correct acne remedy for yourself. You can purchase these products online or at many of the better health food outlet stores.

For example, you can use strawberries or strawberry leaves as an acne treatment. Moisten the leaves with water and lay them gently on your face for fifteen minutes while resting. The mashed strawberries applied as a paste works much in same way as a facial mask. Another useful herb to clear acne is dandelion.

You chop the plant, including leaves and root and boil it for ten minutes. The concoction is then strained, cooled and can be applied on the skin or drank. Aloe vera is another excellent treatment–one which has been proven to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin, treat scars and reduce new lesions.

Internal cleansing

Herbal medicine practitioners know that acne treatments have both internal and external components and both must be considered in the treatment program. If you heal the external lesions, you may still have issues going on under the skin surface which also need to be addressed.

A successful mixture that is helpful in reducing acne symptoms includes a combination of various essential oils such as Tea Tree Oil, peppermint oil and clove tea.

Professional practitioner

The adult acne sufferer can be helped, even if the problem is persistent or severs. Schedule a session with a naturopath or herbal medicine practitioner.

You should expect to get a full health analysis which will lead the practitioner to prescribe the best treatment method that has the advantage of being tailored by you and for you.

The treatment takes into consideration your weak health areas as well as others you excel in. You only take the treatment as far as you want to in order to ensure a class that stays together.

Best Homemade Acne Treatment Options

There are millions of people experiencing the effects of acne every day, and the stores offer hundreds of solutions. However some of the acne treatments may make the situations worse, sending people on searches for natural acne treatment options that will cure the problem without harming their skin.

If you are one of those people who suffer from the effects of acne and are looking for more natural, inexpensive ways to treat your skin, you will be happy to know that there are some very natural treatments for acne found in your own home.

  1. One of the most important and probably the easiest natural treatment for acne is drinking water. Water not only makes you healthier it is the best acne medication available. The leading cause of acne is the excess amounts of oil and bacteria on your skin, regular cleaning will help to effectively remove the oil and dirt from your skin, making face washing one of the best homemade acne treatments. Washing your face in the morning with soap and water will clear away many of the particles that may find their way into your pores, you will want to wash again at night just to be sure to remove any excess oil from the daily bacteria that has accumulated on your skin.
  2. Another natural remedy for acne available in your home is baking soda. You can mix it until it creates a paste then apply it to your skin. It will remove redness and itching and it is a easy, effective and completely natural type of acne product. You can use this without worrying about possible side effects or damage to your skin.
  3. One more great acne product that is extremely easy to find in any home is oatmeal. If combine it with warm water, create a thick paste and apply it on the acne affected area. It will help remove oil and debris from your skin and it will gently exfoliate any remaining dead skin. This is one of the best treatments for acne you can find in your home.
  4. If you are good in the kitchen you can make another type of home remedy for acne that is easy to make and will not cause any side effects. It is a combination of honey and grated apples, made into a thick paste and added to your face for about 10 minutes. This natural remedy is inexpensive and easily made at home.
  5. A last type of homemade treatment for acne that could help your face is a combination of witch hazel, lemon juice and one egg. All you have to do is mix the egg, add drops of witch hazel and lemon juice, and mix into a paste and spread it evenly on your face. It is a great way to moisturize and protect while it cleans away dirt and oil.

Remember that all of these remedies are great but any remedy you use, whether in store acne products or natural acne treatments should only be used after consulting a dermatologist.

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