Best Natural Rosacea Treatment 2018

What are Natural Rosacea Treatments? There are many different medications, products, and drugs used in the treatment of the skin condition known as Rosacea. These treatments are intended to reduce the extremity of the symptoms of rosacea.

This includes the ever present red or flushed appearance common to all types of rosacea, along with the itching and burning sensations experienced, as well as the pastules and bumps associated with rosacea, that appear on the face and neck.

Any substance, environment, or even emotional states or situations that cause an increase in these symptoms can be rightfully called a trigger. Rosacea triggers are varied and are unique each person, yet there is certainly many patterns that can be deduced from tracking data on what triggers people experience.

Some of the more common triggers are ironically present in many medications that otherwise would be used to treat this skin disease. This includes skin treatment products made with alcohol and other harsh chemicals. At the same time, products designed specifically for acne and rosacea treatment even act as a trigger for some people!

This has led to what many refer to as “rosacea natural treatment”. The treatment includes things such as all natural products, such as ZenMed, or the use of herbs in their natural state, such as green tea leaves, boiled and later placed on the skin to offer erythema relief.

These treatments are used by many of the tens of thousands of people, mostly women, who find themselves looking for less pharmaceutical based solutions and more natural, plant based solutions. However, while treatment can be improved the addition of naturally based products, it’s important to make such a strong distinction between natural and so-called unnatural treatments.

Why? Because in the end this can lead to a situation in which a patient shields him or herself from otherwise effective treatment that is deemed unnatural! If a proper perspective can be kept on rosacea treatments, then this is obviously not a problem.

The best approach is to always work with your doctor, taking care to note your own triggers to avoid them, and have an open mind on various treatments – whether they’re called an OTC, prescription, or natural medication!

Natural Treatments

Rosacea is a skin problem which main symptom is the reddening of the face. In some cases, abscesses may erupt on the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead. It may also cause a stinging sensation on the affected areas and sometimes even on the eyes.

Thankfully, there is a natural medication which allows people afflicted with this skin disease long term relief by using some natural remedies.

Compared with expensive dermatologist-prescribed treatments, natural treatment costs a lot less and many people have observed that the latter is even more effective in curing this skin problem. Medications set by a dermatologist like topical antibiotics may only give temporary relief and the disease may recur once treatment is discontinued.

The Advantages of Natural Remedies

The advantage of using natural remedy is that you never have to pay visits to the dermatologist because some of the cure may already be available at home and that you only need to know what these are.

Popular Home Remedies

A popular home remedy for this skin problem is apple cider vinegar. When taken, apple cider induces the digestive enzymes to work on correcting the bacterial imbalance within the body’s system particularly on the intestines.

Other home remedies may also be used like aloe, chamomile, oatmeal, red clover and rose hips. There are also over-the-counter acne drugs that reduce the symptoms  like betaine hydrochloride, selenium, zinc and the B vitamins.

You could also try other remediess which have been formulated in the form of a cream. Following are some of those remedies:

  • Green Tea Extract. There have been studies indicating the effectiveness of green tea cream with 2% polyphenone against rosacea. In one particular study, a group of women with rosacea who were asked to apply green tea cream on affected areas showed much greater improvement after four weeks compared to another rosacea-afflicted group who used a placebo.
  • Niacinamide Cream. Niacinamide is one of the B vitamins and is known to protect the skin against irritation. It actually moisturizes the skin and protects it against infection. It has also been found to cure this skin disease.
  • Azelaic acid Cream. Azelaic acid is obtained from wheat, barley and rye. It has been shown that azelaic acid has a greater efficacy in treating the various symptoms of rosacea compared to a topical cream normally prescribed by dermatologists.

It alleviates dryness, redness and itching caused by this skin disease. Its curative property can be attributed to its anti-germicidal action that inhibits the proliferation of skin bacteria.

Natural treatment may be a better alternative in place of traditional medications. More and more studies are showing that the symptoms diminish more quickly with the use of such herbal remedies.

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