Do Nuts Cause Acne ? Should You Include Them In Your Diet Plan?

In this article I will hand out a brief introduction of nuts and acne with some general guidelines. In the next article, I will go into each nut into more detail and why you might want to avoid, limit, or consume a decent amount of certain nuts. Be sure to check The best diet for acne to learn balanced anti-acne diets to help you to get rid of acne

Nuts and Acne

Almonds, pistachios, walnuts, brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, pine nuts, filberts (hazelnuts), cashews, peanuts (truly a legume), coconuts… which one is your favorite? I love them all. I am guessing most of you eat nuts, even, many of you eat them on a regular basis. So, what about the health benefits? Will nuts nourish your skin?

When you are on your holistic journey to an acne free life, knowing what foods you should eat and avoid is vitally important. Nuts are a common food amongst us human beings. Thus, they are worth many articles.

What about seeds? Sesame, sunflower, pumpkin, flax, chia… Seeds have there place too. In fact, nuts are seeds, just larger in size. I will discuss sees too soon. But, with nuts being more common, I will focus on nuts now.

How Many Nuts A Day?

Like I said before, I am a big nut lover. With that being said, I enjoy about 1 serving of nuts on a daily basis. I will once in a while have 2 servings, but this is rare. I more often go a day without consuming any nuts. Okay, so one serving a day, maybe a little more… but how much is this?

One ounce or about 28 grams of each nut. Okay, that helps a little…

The following is a list of 8 common nuts and their servings sizes. This is what I mean as one serving. They all come out to be about one handful. The servings sizes were adopted from Nutrition Data.

  • Almonds – 23 whole kernels
  • Brazil nuts – 7 whole kernels
  • Cashews – 20 whole kernels
  • Hazelnuts (Filberts) – 10 nuts
  • Macadamia Nuts – 11 kernels
  • Pine Nuts (Pignolias) – 150 nuts
  • Pistachios – 49 kernels
  • Walnuts – 14 halves

Why Do I Only Consume One Serving of Nuts A Day?

Too many omega 6 fatty acids. That is my short answer… ready for a longer one? Keep in mind I am talking about the most common nuts – the 8 nuts discussed above. A coconut is very different and seed are too, especially hemp. More on that later…

A healthy balance of omega 3 fatty acids to omega 6 fatty acids is 1:1. Unfortunately, most of us consume way too many omega 6′s. So, in order to balance the ratio, you must eat more omega 3 rich foods. Sounds easy right? Kind of. The best source is fish since it contains EPA and DHA, the top 2 omega 3′s. Then there are many other foods that contain the ALA. This includes nuts.

But, the omega 6 content compared to omega 3 in nuts is way out of whack. Go to and search the raw form of each nut. Scroll down to the bottom and you will see what I mean. One example is walnuts. The ratio is decent at 4:1, but there are 10 grams of omega 6′s. This is a lot! Especially if you eat a fair amount of hemp seeds, one of the top super foods on planet Earth. The best choice looks to be macadamia nuts – my favorite nut. 🙂

So, this is why I limit my consumption to around 1 serving a day. You make your own choice. But, understand that a ratio around 1:1 has a strong positive effect on the complexion of your skin. How do I know this? I read about it over and over again. I first learned it in this book: The Clear Skin Diet. They talk about it a lot.

My Top 10 Favorite Ways to Devour Nuts & Seeds (Butters Included!)

  1. Plain as a snack
  2. Drizzled on oatmeal
  3. Drizzled on my almost daily ginormous salad
  4. Used for milks – almond milk being my favorite
  5. Nut butter lightly spread across several celery stalks (awesome snack!)
  6. Added to a homemade stir fry
  7. Used as a base for homemade bar creations (recipe to come!)
  8. Added to smoothies/shakes (nut butters, hemp seeds, coconut)
  9. Added to a homemade, healthy dessert
  10. This is for you – what is your favorite way? Pick one of these 9 or tell us a new one!

I must add that this list does not include the best nut of all…


That would be a coconut for those of you who do not know…Coconuts are extremely beneficial for your health. They are very unique as they are almost pure saturated fat. I treat coconut separate from a traditional nut such as a walnut or pecan.

Feel free to eat a lot of coconut. There are tons of forms of it… oil, cream, meat, water, milk, shavings, and more… I will have several articles on this incredible super food including many recipes!

That’s it for now. Be sure to tune into tomorrow for more on what the #1 thing you should be doing if you want to get rid of acne and have glowing skin. I have discussed it before, but there is more to say about this deadly “food”.