How Can Parents Help Teens With Acne

Teen acne can be a serious problem. It is no good telling your son or daughter not to worry because he or she will soon grow out of it, because this dismissive attitude will not help them.

After all, teenagers with their fluctuating hormones and moods can make a life or death situation out of a spot that to us is completely trivial and unnoticeable.

However, even mild acne can have a big effect on the confidence and self-esteem of a teenager and may have an impact on future development. Boys may become reluctant to take part in sports because of reluctance to share changing rooms and boys and girls alike may become withdrawn and unwilling to participate in social occasions and activities.

Becoming shy and isolated at this age can cause a lack of confidence that may last long after the spots have gone. Even more worryingly, a New Zealand study shows that teens with severe acne can have an increased risk of depression and some extreme cases can lead to suicide attempts. As a parent it can be easy to underestimate the psychological effects of acne experienced by your kids!

So How Can You Support Your Teen With Acne?

Take It Seriously

The first step is to show that you take it seriously. If your child has severe acne, you should take him or her to the doctor and try to get a referral for a skin specialist. Your child may need prescription acne treatment and the faster you set the ball rolling the better it will be.

Luckily, most teen acne conditions are not as severe but you will need to make sure that your teen has the right acne treatment and knows how to use it.

Choose a Good Quality Skin Care

Choose a good quality skin care program and do not necessarily go for the cheapest teen product. Acne products aimed at teens rely upon marketing ploys to appeal to that age group but are often too harsh and ineffective and will damage young and sensitive skins.

Instead, try using a gentle and natural skin product such as Exposed skin Care or Proactive. These complete courses of treatment are safe, gentle, easy to follow and will not damage or dry out the skin.

Remember that you may need to supervise your teen’s cleansing routine to make sure that they are not overdoing their acne treatment or ignoring it completely.

Healthy Eating

Make sure your teen is eating healthily, getting their five a day and not overdoing the junk food. Your diet plays a crucial role in acne and many people find that cutting out hypoglycaemic foodstuffs (highly refined sugary foods) will improve complexion.

Teenage acne does not last forever but it can have a longer lasting effect. Parents need to take it seriously and offer support and understanding through these troubling years.

How to Prevent Your Kids from Suffering From Acne

Parents play a big role during this stage of their teenagers’ lives. One that can affect their confidence level is the inability to take care of the issue right away.

To prevent your kids from suffering severe acne breakout, they should know how to deal with it. This is when proper skin care taught at an early age can be of huge help to them.

  • Practicing basic skin care, including cleansing and exfoliating, will help reduce that oily shine and fight blackhead formation. It will prevent blemishes and prevent acne from getting worse. This is a major help in preventing scarring.
  • An over-the-counter acne cleanser should also be part of their basic skin care routines.
  • Keeping the pores clear is also an important part of the skincare routine. If you have a teenage girl, make sure that her cosmetics, sunscreens and lotions are oil-free.
  • As for your teenage guys, advise them to keep their gel or hair product usage to a minimum. Such products tend to be oily which may only lead to irritation. If they cannot avoid these products, just ensure that they get noncomedogenic ones.