Cute Polka Dot Luggages – Black, White, Purple, Red, Green

People who follow fashion trends will tell you that polka dots are always in style. They were fashionable centuries ago, and they’re still fashionable today.

Polka dots add a touch of fun to any outfit, but they’re also a crisp, clean design that adds a touch of class and elegance.

No matter the season – Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall – you’ll see plenty of fashion accessories in polkadot patterns and whether they’re big or small, bold or soft, people always take notice.

Which is one of the biggest reasons you should have polka dot luggage. You’ll be making a fashion statement that sets you apart from the crowd.

Look around any airport and what do you see? Thousands of people pulling bland, boring, look-alike luggage. But what catches your eye? The traveler with the fun, brightly colored luggage. The next time you pass through an airport, you could be that fun-loving traveler – if you had a set of polkadot luggage!

Pink, Black and White


Who Ever Heard Of Polka Dot Luggages?

Exactly! You’ve probably never even considered the idea of carrying polkadot luggage. A lot of people don’t. And that’s why it’s such a good idea.

When you’re standing there in line, waiting and waiting for you luggage, what happens? Most of the time you miss it the first time it goes around because everyone’s luggage looks alike. You end up waiting and waiting for it to go around again!

But polkadot luggages will stick out like a sore thumb when it comes around that carousel. You’ll immediately recognize it and be out the door while everyone else is still watching that carousel go round and round and round and….

Black and White Rockland Polka Dot Luggage Set (4 Piece)


This 4-piece set of Rockland polka dot printed luggage set was designed with the serious traveler in mind. The fabric is a durable, heavy-duty polyester with PVC backing to protect even your most fragile items.

Each piece has an elegantly printed interior lining and 3 internal pockets to organize all your small items.

All handles had a push-button self-locking mechanism and retract into the interior of the bag so there’s no snagging on obstacles along your path.



The EZ-roll wheels are inline for extra stability and you’ll also find stability bars at the bottom to help avoid tilting. Each piece also has a key-lock for extra security.

There’s plenty of room to pack for a long trip, too. The carry-on, weighing just 6 pounds, measures 19 inches high x 13 inches wide x 8 inches and it’s expandable to 10 inches deep.

The 24-inch upright is 16 inches wide by 10 inches deep and can expand up to 12 inches. The 18-inch upright can expand up to 14 inches deep and the tote expands up to 5 1/2 inches

Pink, Black and White


How To Pack For A Long Trip

There are two things you need to consider when you’re packing for a long trip.¬†First, obviously, it’s best to choose clothes that you can easily coordinate.

Next, choose clothing that packs well and won’t be a mass of wrinkles when you arrive at your destination. If possible, try to take clothing that’s machine washable, too, in case you can’t find a dry cleaner where you’re going.

For long trips the best thing to do is start a list, well before time to start packing. Without a list you’ll end up forgetting half of what you wanted to bring along, and you’ll end up over-packing your suitcase with items you don’t need.

Which brings us to the second thing you need to consider when packing for a long trip – the weight of each piece of luggage. If you’ll be flying then you probably already know there’s a weight limit – for each piece of luggage. Make sure you know what that weight limit is and pack accordingly. Those luggage fees can be pretty hefty and really put a damper on your trip.

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