How to Prevent Acne & Pimples

A quick internet search will reveal the many acne treatments that are recommended to those who are trying to learn how to prevent acne which can be a very distressing skin condition. When trying to figure out how to avoid acne, you’ll find everything from prescription and over the counter medications, to natural and holistic approaches. However, you won’t find quite so much information on preventing acne from day one.

Causes of Acne

There can be found many reasons why someone could get to have acne problems. Those who suffer from acne because of hormonal imbalances or genetically determination normally get rid of it in time once the hormones get to their natural level and the genetically program follows its course.

The most important factor that provokes the severe cases of acne is the daily alimentation. The human body has a few ways through which it removes waste products.

Actually, there are five of them: the kidneys and the urinary system, the liver, the lungs, the bowels and the skin. When the waste is eliminated through the skin a blockage of some of the pores happens and that’s when acne appears.

Healthy Diet to Prevent Pimples

One of the most important aspect concerning modern’s people diet is that it couldn’t get more unhealthy than in already is; the food everyone consumes everyday contains fast foods or aliments that are heavily processed and the chemicals are a big part of the ingredients.

  • One of the most filled with these artificial preservatives is cow’s milk and products derived from milk; they can certainly provoke acne even when it comes to adults, not to mention the teens. Those products aren’t only cause acne; the tragedy is that they can cause cardiovascular problems so it would be for the best to replace it with goat’s milk or soy milk.
  • On the other hand one should also consider changing diet when it comes to red meat and sugars. A good idea would be to replace red meat with fish and sugar with a sweet substitute like stevia, a natural sweetener; in any case do not trade sugar for aspartame or saccharin because they are extremely toxic.
  • Water is a very important part of your diet and it must be consumed in large quantities (7-8 glasses per day). But there’s a catch: you must drink only distilled water or purified water because the water that comes from the tap is really filled with impurities and microbes that go straight to your skin. If you respect this rule, not to drink water that hasn’t been purified yet, you can drink as much as you want because your skin will be properly hydrated and it will have a shiny, healthy look.

Once you have tried chancing the diet(food and water), probably you have already stopped having acne problems. If not so, you should take a trip to the allergist to have some tests, because it’s very possible you could have a food allergy that manifests itself through your skin.

In conclusion, the first step in getting rid of acne is a healthy diet formed by natural food and juices, distilled water. The physical exercises could only help so feel free to eliminate toxic substances in your body through gymnastics.

Tips to Prevent & Control Acne

Although it may be tempting to pick or squeeze spots, this is probably one of the worst things you can do. You risk spreading the infection to other areas of your face and causing a much more serious outbreak. In some cases, squeezing spots can even lead to scarring.

  1. Don’t touch your face. Your fingers are dirty! It’s almost impossible to keep them completely free of bacteria or oils that can make your acne worse. Try to avoid touching your face – it can be hard to get in the habit at first but it will pay off dividends. Simple things like leaning your chin on your hand or rubbing your forehead can play a big role in creating new acne. You may also want to use an antibacterial hand gel that you can use every now and then in order to kill off bacteria build up on your hands.
  2. Don’t Scrub! When you are washing your face (hopefully with a proven acne fighter!), don’t scrub or rub too hard. Some people rub extra hard thinking that it will help their skin absorb your product more. Don’t do this! This type of scrubbing will lead to irritated skin and inflammation, two conditions that acne thrives on. Wash your face gently at least twice a day and avoid being rough with your skin!
  3. Have a Healthy Diet. You might have heard that chocolate or other specific foods cause acne. That isn’t the exact truth, but your diet has an affect on your whole body – including your skin! Make sure you get enough vitamins, minerals and supplements that have been known and recommended to prevent and help conquer acne breakouts. These include:

    * Vitamin A or Retinol, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin E
    * L-Carnitine
    * Zinc

    Look for a good quality multi-vitamin to make sure your body gets what it needs to be in top-notch shape. Not only will it help with your skin, but your entire body will thank you!

    Also, drink plenty of water throughout the day and try to choose good wholesome foods. It’s ok to eat junk every now and then – just try to get your veggies in every day!

  4. Use quality skin cleansers that have proven acne fighters.

    Many of the products you find in the stores have only one ingredient that just isn’t enough to fight off your acne. The companies do this so they sell a whole bunch of products seperately. Unfortunately it isn’t hard to spend a fortune on these products and see minimal results.

    Stick to products like Exposed or ClearPores that are proven and come with full money back guarantees. Not only will your acne get better, but it’s nice to know you can get your money back if you don’t see the results you want. Check out the Acne Treatments Page for more information.

  5. Wash your hair frequently

    Your hair is one of the dirtiest parts of your body. It isn’t hard for oils and bacteria to be transferred from your hair to your forehead or face. Make sure you keep your hair clean to avoid this. It’s always a good idea to style your hair in a way that prevents it from touching your face – give it a try!

  6. Look for ways to avoid stress

    Now I know this might be a little harder to do than other, but stress can play a role in your acne. I especially noticed acne flare up during stressful times. Stress leads to certain hormonal changes in your body that can play a role in acne formation.

    First, try to find some time to exercise. This is a great way to combat stress and improve your overall health. Not to mention your confidence will increase as your body image improves.

    Also, make a point to cleanse your skin more often during times in your life that you knoqw are stressful. For example, if you are in the middle of exams use a quality acne product like Exposed or ClearPores three times a day instead of only two. This will help to fight off the extra oil that your body is producing.

  7. Wash your pillowcases and face towels frequently.

    Ensure that anything that comes into contact with your face is scrupulously clean. Towels and pillowcases are two of the most common places for bacteria to lurk; always ensure that these are washed regularly.

  8. Just say no to popping or picking your pimples!

    This one is tough – especially when you get a big one that is just begging you to pop it. But popping zits leads to the bacteria spreading and actually increases sebum production. This leads to more acne! Just say no!

  9. If you wear makeup, make sure you take it off before bed.
    Never go to bed wearing make-up. This is a major cause of spots and done regularly can lead to serious outbreaks. Always wash your face thoroughly last thing at night, preferably with a medicated soap.

  10. Make sure to cleanse your skin quickly after excercise or working out.
  11. If your hair is long, tie it back before going to bed at night. This can help to prevent increased oiliness and contamination of the skin as you sleep.
  12. Clean all make-up brushes regularly with warm soapy water and get rid of old (and possibly contaminated) cosmetic products.

If you’re serious about finding information on ways to prevent acne. There are some very good books available on the subject. If you’d rather not go searching, however, an even more convenient source of tips on how to avoid pimples can be found in a number of excellent E-Books that are available to download from the internet. Here are 2 of the best:

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