Review of Top 10 Best Handbag Organizer Inserts of 2019

Purse organizers are a fantastic idea for helping you keep your purse in order. How many times have you missed a call because you couldn’t find your smartphone in time?

What about keys, lipstick or even a pen? Being organized is theoretical great but, unfortunately, many people need a little assist to organize our handbags.

Purse inserts are now available in all colours and sizes and you can find one to suit all bags, purses and pocketbooks! Based on my search through a lot of organizers here are some I thought to be among the best.

A Handbag Insert Organizer Can Save The Day!

We’ve all been there I’m sure – rooting through the bag, searching frantically for change for the bus or the ticket out of the car-park in full view of those looking on – the embarrassment!

Why are our handbags such a mess? Why can’t we be a little more organized? Well now thanks to purse organizer inserts, which by the way are a truly wonderful accessory, women all over the world can save themselves the embarrassment and irritation of rummaging through a seemingly endless amount of “stuff” in search of that elusive eyeliner or set of keys….

Top 5 Best-Selling Products in 2019

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- 4 Size
- 12 Colors
- 13 Compartments(pocket) -10 interior+3 exterior.
- 1 Year Warranty.


- 4 Size
- 14 Colors
- 12 Pockets(8 interior pockets, 4 Exterior Pockets+1 Middle Removable Pocket)


- 11 Colors
- 11 Compartments and 2 large zipped compartments
- Perfect for holding cosmetics, books, cards, cell phone, travel goods et cetera..


- Amazon Best Seller
- 25 Colors
- 3 Size(Small, Medium, Large)
- 13 Outer & Inner Compartments


- 10 Compartments
- Lightweight and durable
- 6 Sizes
- 40 Colors

#1 Kwiki Insert Organizer Large Kahki – A popular choice!

This is probably one of the best products available – perfect for those who like BIG bags. Some purse organizers kind of cave inwards if the sides are not strong enough – not the kwiki product – the bottom is flat and remains solid in the bottom of your bag.

With lots of pockets, probably more than you’ll need, this organizer is firm and hard wearing.

The kahki colour makes it so much easier to find what you are looking for but it does come in red and black also.

#2 Presto – Super design – so versatile

The great thing about this presto product is its design – you actually get two organizers in one!This design is unique and allows you to use it as is or seperate it in two – great for split purses. With over 20 pockets, there is lots of room for all your bits and pieces and the pocket sizes are perfect.

A cool way to use this product is to use one half for your main essentials, the things you absolutely cannot do without while keeping the other part of it for items you only need now and again or at specific times.

Join both sides easily in seconds!

Kwiki Organizers

You’ll find it in colors such as red, black and khaki. But khaki seems to be a popular choice amongst reviewers as it is a nice neutral color, but more than that its light color makes it easier to see what is in your bag than darker colors.

#3 Pouchee Ultimate Organizers

The Pouchee is another well rated handbag organizer on that seems to be a good choice for small to medium sized purses, but less so for large ones.

It measures 7 1/2″ x 5″ and features metal rings for you to grab to lift it out of your purses. The lined interior has 3 open pockets, 2 side slip pockets and front wall zip pocket. The center also has a magnetic snap closure. One of the things I really like is the exterior with 3 large open pockets (good for many things such as reading glasses or cell phone) and 1 long thin pocket (for a pen) and on the other side 5 credit card slots (which makes it sort of “wallet” like).

#4 Lady Elegance Organizer, Beige

This product seem to be good for small purses and have some features that are wallet like, such as it has six credit card slots and a zippered change purse. There are also two pockets for lipsticks, a pocket for a pen and a pocket for a cell phone. The larger center opening can hold an actual wallet or other larger items. Many of the reviewers on say the pockets run on the small side though, so be aware of that.

#5 Joey Junior Womens Ultimate Interior Organizer Insert

Okay, I’ve already listed Five products. But here’s one more brand for you. The Joey Junior organizers are similar to the Purseket. They do feature a long lead with a clip on clasp for you to easily attach your keys to. And they are a little cheaper.

More Products

Since first writing this article more products have become available. Here are a few that I’ve noticed others are buying or otherwise thought was worth mentioning.

#6 Expandable Make-Up Bag Organizer

This Britney product seems to be a popular one right now. It comes in a few different patterns (such as zebra) and styles. The one shown here says that it is an expanded size.

#7 SODIAL- Bag Organiser Insert

This is the cheapest product I have come across…and yet is has a Lot of great reviews (some of the negative review says that the seller tries to get people to change their reviews to a more positive one…so beware of that). The materials are apparently cheap, but for this price that is what you could reasonably expect. If you are looking for super inexpensive this is probably your best buy.

#8 Lexie Handbag Organizer (Available in 3 Colors)

I personally don’t care for the color/pattern choices available on Amazon (gold and purple leopard), but there is one that is made of clear plastic which could be nice if it is durable. But I do really like the handles on the Lexie product. It also has a lot of roomy pockets. And it has many good reviews.

#9 Dahlia Women’s Nifty Organizer Insert for Handbags

This comes in tan, black, light pink, and light blue. It has several pockets, some which are mesh so you can see what is in the pocket better, and even has a zippered section that is in a fold down flap. Because it is made of nylon, if something like a lotion bottle inside it leaks, it might be better at protecting your handbag from a leak than something made of cotton. However, sometimes nylon has a plastic smell that isn’t always pleasant.

#10 Joey Junior Mini Organizer Insert -Classic Fabric-British Tan

This product by Joey Junior is made for much smaller bags. It has just four pockets, but also has a space in between them that some larger item could be tucked into. This is another one I think is good for me since I tend to have smaller purses.

Why Buy a Purse Insert Organizer?

We all know the frustrations of having way too many things in our purse. Finding a simple thing like your keys or chapstick can be a big pain. Sure, you can buy one of those purse organizers but have you seen what they look like?

A man must’ve designed them because they look horrible for the most part. This is where the handbag organizer insert comes in.

There are several advantages of having one of these inserts for your bag and that’s what this article is going to be about. By the end of this, hopefully, you will be convinced that getting an organizer insert for your bag is one of those things that will become a no-brainer.

The first benefit of having a purse st0raga organizer is the fact that you can change purses. With the normal purse organizers that are pre-made with a lot of different compartments and pockets for you to compartmentalize your items, you have the convenience of always having those pockets available.

The only problem is that you have more than one purse. If you all of the sudden want to switch to another purse, then you’re pretty much stuck unless if you buy a bunch of these organizer purses which, trust me, it’s a waste of money.

As mentioned before, another downside to these types of purses is that they are quite limited in design and looks. Most of the ones I have seen are down right ugly.

So on the of benefits of purse organizers is that you are able to transfer these organizers from one purse to another. In other words, you can use any purse you like.

All you have to do when it’s time to switch purses is pull out your insert and place it into another purse. As you can see, this makes things very convenient.

Instead of having to take out all of your items from one purse and throwing them into another one, you can just simply do the transfer without having to reorganize anything. Since all of your items from your make up kits, keys, cellphone, and other items are already neatly placed into the inserts, once you make the transfer, everything stays in place.

Another benefit of having a purse organizer is the fact that you will be able to find things a lot more quickly. Have you ever had to basically dump out your entire bag, meaning turning the whole thing upside down just to search for something such as your credit card or your keys?

If you have, then you know exactly how annoying this can be. How about a situation where you are going to your car and the lighting is really bad, limiting your visibility?

If your bag was a big mess, it may be hard to locate your keys. Not only can this be annoying but it can also be potentially dangerous as well especially if you need to enter into your car as quickly as possible for whatever reason.

When buying purse organizers, you have a lot of different choices to choose from in terms of looks as well as size. You will want to buy one that has the right amount of compartments for your needs.

Take a lot at your current bag to judge what size of an insert you will need. Most inserts will have enough space to fit most of your most needed items.

Obviously, you will still have room to put larger items in the middle of the bag since the insert will wrap around the inner edges of the bag. You also have the choice of smaller, hand held type of inserts as well.

One really popular brand is the Purse Brite Organizer. You have probably seen these on TV. These work pretty good as well and are decently price at about $10 which is cheaper than most other brands. Another popular brand is Purseket.

The cost of a purse organizer will vary depending on what you get but you can typically find ones sold in stores or online for about $20. For the bigger handbag organizer inserts, the price will be a bit higher.

Of course, if you find a product that is to your liking, then you can get that as well but for the benefits I described above, getting the inserts is the way to go in my opinion.

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