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Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Machine

Review of 3 Best Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Machines for Home Use

In this post, we put together Top 3 Radio Frequency Machines for home use on the market including the pros and cons. Hopefully this guide will help you choose the best face firming device for your needs.

The best radio frequency skin tightening machine must be able to tighten any aging skin in a manner that is safer without damaging skin tissues or interfere with melanin. With increase in the number of individuals who admire to be younger, most companies have come up with devices to tighten people’s skins.

Therefore, if your skin is drooping, never say die or opt for plastic surgery because there are things you cannot experiment but you can use and achieve the best tightened skin.

You can apply creams to give you a boost. Right, do you want to have a sagging skin? Of course, the answer is no? Here is the best option to tighten your skin.

The first devices employed were very large and the procedure for skin firming was too painful that patients were tranquilized. In some cases, patients suffered dangerous side effects such as scarring and fat necrosis.

However, technology has advanced thus modern machines are now used hence patients are no longer suffering because the side effects are minimized by the technology. This technology is energy treatment and also non-surgical technique used to tighten skin.

It is non-corrosive and usually applied during the first stages if your skin begins to show signs of drooping or sagging. It improves skin tissue by lifting functioning of collagen to produce smooth, healthy and younger skin.


Radio frequency(RF) facial treatment applies electric current to heat strata or layers of your skin then initiate a growth of a new collagen, which is a material that makes your skin appear less shakable, younger and soft. During treatment, radiofrequency energy enters into your skin tissue and catalyzes the growth of new collagen due to strong heating.

Thereafter, it cools the coating of the skin to draw heat discomfort. The radio frequency treatment is one which is non-invasive and makes your skin tissues appear rejuvenated and tighter hence improve the quality of your skin. There are two kinds of radiofrequency techniques; monopolar and bipolar.


  • It helps to remove and reduce body fats from your body therefore avoiding the risk of suffering from excess fat related diseases such as high blood pressure.
  • This gadget helps in tightening your skin and makes you look younger and healthier.
  • It also softens your skin. The treatment is also non-corrosive hence it cannot invade your skin thus your skin tissues are softened and rejuvenated.
  • It diminishes cellulites from your skin tissues and finally helps in contour reshaping by treating common skin-related problems such as wrinkles.

After an extensive research, here are the top three radio frequency facial machines available in the market.

NORLANYA Portable Anti-aging RF Face Lift Device

Norlanya is a specialized non-corrosive treatment. This means than there is no even a mini cut on your skin to treat it. It involves heating the skin’s under layer called dermis which results to collagen production known as neocollagenesis which makes your skin appear tighter and firmer. Normally, patients undergo eight to ten treatments but even a single treatment can enhance tightening of your skin.

The features of Norlanya

  • This device small and can easily be carried from one place to another.
  • It is anti- aging machine with a platinum head.
  • It is a Matrix RF and non-corrosive treatment and uses mono polar radiofrequency energy.


  • It is non-corrosive treatment thus no cutting of your skin
  • This gadget improves the skin’s contour
  • It improves the texture of your skin thus the skin will appear soft and tighter.
  • Matrix RF treatment is used in all types of skins and their colours as opposed to lasers.


  • Matrix RF cannot be used by people who suffer from heart diseases , diabetes or high blood pressure.
  • If precautions provided are not followed, it may damage the skin

Project E Beauty Wrinkle Removal & Skin Rejuvenation RF Handheld Device

Features :

  • Accelerate blood circulation and metabolism
  • Boost collagen regeneration more efficiently
  • Remove wrinkles, spots, fine lines, scars, etc.

TRIPOLLAR STOP & POSE : Anti-Aging and Anti Cellulite RF  Facial Treatment Machine

Tripollar stop is a skin-rejuvenating machine which is used to restore human skin into its younger and fresher feel and appearance. It applies radiofrequency to apply heat on your skin. This gadget is equipped with a preparation Gel to ensure optimal temperature when treating the skin.

It is also equipped with a kit carrying power supply of 100v to 240v and a tripollar stop technigue. Therefore, this is a device which is used to tighten skin, remove wrinkles and also used as anti-aging treatment.

The Features of Tripollar Stop

  • It is equipped with a kit with a single tripollar stop device
  • This appliance also have a single tripollar pose device which enhances tightening of stomach skin.
  • It is equipped with a gel to regulate temperature when treating the skin.


  • Tripollar stop removes wrinkles and improves your beauty
  • It is used to tighten skin tissues
  • The device is used to regenerate the skin of your neck and the face.
  • Like Norlanya, it makes the overall face texture look better thus the skin will appear soft and tighter.
  • It renews collagen protein by moving term al energy to subcutaneous skin tissues.
  • Tripollar stop provides lasting results within a shorter period of time. It does not exceed eight week before you see good results.
  • This appliance produces a clear facial contour.
  • It is non-corrosive treatment and you can administer at home.
  • You don’t have to put on goggles while using the equipment


  • Tripollar stop cannot be used by pregnant women and any person suffering from cancer.
  • It cannot be used by people with dry skin
  • People suffering from AIDS and cardiac diseases are not eligible to use tripollar stop.
  • If you have been diagnosed by any disease or disorder caused by heat like herpes simplex then you are not eligible to use tripollar stop.
  • If you buy online you may get a defective device

Get Rejuvenated Facial Skin With Radio Frequency Machines

Healthy and smooth facial skin is a true source of attraction for any female and Radio Frequency Treatments are proven to be effective to acquire beautiful facial skin.

Contrary to typical laser treatments that are practiced very frequently these days that are inclined to be penetrated or dispersed by the outer layers of the skin, radio frequency skin tightening can absorb into the deeper levels of skin without any harm to the outer layers.

Although RF treatments have been in utilization from the past many years, only latest advancements have let this modern innovation to be functional in cosmetic surgery.

How This Treatment Can Be Used?

Radio frequency skin firming technology can be utilized in numerous different techniques:

  1. To elevate and stiffen the breast and buttocks
  2. To lessen down the cellulite
  3. Decrease the volume or circumference
  4. To remove the fine lines and wrinkles
  5. To focus certain areas of the face such as the eyebrow, cheeks, jowls, neck and melolabial creases

People who have loose, thinner facial skin have very effective results with Radio Frequency skin tightening treatment. Moreover, radio frequency skin firming treatment is a lasting way out with very less healing time span.

This distinctive process consumes approximately one hour, and more or less 80% of candidates will observe the firmness of their skin instantaneously. In order to acquire the most effective outcomes, about 6 or more sessions should be planned for treating a specific site of the face or body.

This treatment involves any part of the body to get firm but more commonly this treatment is used for these areas of the body:

  1. Chin and Jowls Tightening
  2. Neck Skin Tightening
  3. Forehead and Brow Lift
  4. Abdomen and Flanks
  5. Upper Arms and Hands
  6. Buttocks Lift
  7. Inner and Outer Thighs
  8. Cellulite and Stretch Marks
  9. Post Surgical Effects:

After RF treatment, you may observe some moderate sort of inflammation, redness and unevenness on the specific treated sites. These indications will get settled within a few weeks; moreover some sort of irritation and annoyance may also be possible.

Recovery Time Period:

Radio frequency skin tightening at home treatment is generally admired for the reason of its high effectiveness and very less healing period. You may observe a little redness on your treated area for 30 to 60 minutes after the treatment has been completed.

You may also feel dryness to some extent for 24 to 48 hours after the procedure, but there is no need to get worried about as you can easily return to your normal scheduled life or work place right away.


As I conclude, it is vital to take into account that radio frequency treatment cannot be done once. An excellent skin cannot be achieved with a single hit. Therefore a serial application is necessary but for beginners start by visiting clinics. All in all, it is very amazing to see several technological developments in different areas.

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