The Best Rolling Backpack Reviews & Buying Guides

Travelers or college students need to carry huge weight on their back using the backpack. A student carries his/her books, binders, laptop, notebooks, pens, pencils and other study materials through their school backpack.

On the other hand, a traveler carries his/her clothing, shoes, laptop, tablet and other travel essentials through their backpack or luggage. So their bag may not lightweight enough to carry it for a long time on their back. So what’s the solution to carry huge weight through the backpack?

It’s Rolling Backpack. Yes, wheeled backpacks can help you to carry huge stuff and lift the backpack easily. But a rolling backpack is perfect for a girl, a college student, a school kid or travelers to travel in the City Area.

Rolling Backpacks for College or School Kids

While wheeled backpacks for school or college are chosen more for their designs and styles, you can never underestimate what this versatile bag can offer to the wearer.

Firstly, backpacks with wheels are very convenient because you can walk easily even with a heavy load to haul.

Secondly, these versatile backpacks have more than enough compartments for all your child’s needs. Kids are taught early on how to organize their stuffs by putting their belongings in the right places.

Thirdly, wheeled school backpacks are very practical because they can also be used for camping or travelling. Some can be converted into regular backpacks or they can be carried like you do with most bags.

Another good reason why parents opt of having their kids use backpacks on wheels is because of health reasons. Studies show that children who are used to carrying heavy book bags on their back or shoulders suffer from a bad posture.

They are also more prone to acquiring diseases of the backbones because of too much strain caused by carrying heavier loads. On the other hand, the use of wheeled backpacks also has its own share of disadvantages.

Kids can get unruly sometimes that they cannot notice that their bags’ rollers have already tripped or ran over somebody else’s shoes or toes. Even in narrow alleys and hallways in between rows, roller backpacks can occupy too much space disallowing others to pass freely.

Likewise, the rollers can create too much noise while being hauled especially if going up or down the staircase. Because of these, some schools have banned the use of backpacks with rollers. However, to a responsible parent, making kids understand how these backpacks must be handled properly is the first road towards safety.

Rolling Backpacks for Travel

Traveling makes a lot of fun, especially if you have all the convenience in one bag. Thanks to rolling travel backpacks because you can literally stash everything on them effortlessly. Indeed, traveling has gotten more convenient and lot easier.

There are many types of travel wheeled backpacks since each traveler has a different need. Families who are going on a holiday will definitely need extra large rolling backpacks. Understandably, they will need all the space that they can get and all the compartments where they can organize their toiletries and clothes in one place.

Top 5 Bestsellers

These are best selling wheeled travel backpacks on Amazon. All of them got very positive customer reviews. On the contrary, light travelers or those who are out on an overnight business trip will find small wheeled backpack for travel very helpful.

There are many varieties of these backpacks that can only accommodate a few travelling essentials. In fact, others are not that big enough to be checked in. Thus, you can have it in the cabin compartment for an easier storage. Some backpacks with rollers also have the option of being carried as a carry all especially if going down a busy staircase.

Surprisingly, toddlers who also want a piece of this versatile bag have their own share too. Cute rolling backpacks are also available to little girls and boys who also want to be seen carrying their own. Just enough room for their nappies and feeding bottles, rolling backpacks for kids are printed with their favourite superheroes or cartoon characters.

Meanwhile, special people such as photographers and those from the special service of the military will need a different kind of wheeled backpacks. More than anything else, they need to ensure the safety of their special equipments.

Thus, their rolling backpacks are usually customized to accommodate fragile equipment. Not the usual ones made of polyester or nylon, theirs are made of polycarbonate.

This kind of material is impact resistant and commonly used to make a hard luggage. The compartments are especially fabricated to get the perfect fit for each and every equipment.

Choosing the right rolling backpacks will spell a lot of difference. Look around and see if which one fits your needs.

Rolling Backpacks for Adults

Just when you thought backpacks are for school age kids, college dudes and backpackers, you will be surprised to know that there are also rolling backpacks made for adults. After all, backpacks are for everyone who wants enjoy the many benefits that owning them bring.

Although adults have different needs than those of young boys and girls, rolling backpacks made for adults are no different from those worn by teenagers and young professionals. With the exception of the sizes and designs, they almost resemble those of any age.

Women who are way beyond their years can still look fashionably great in rolling backpacks with beautiful prints on them. At any rate, they can still opt to have a rolling backpack with their favourite cartoon characters.

Styles can also vary, but what are more important are features like compartments that these backpacks have. Women have more accessories and things then men do. As such they will really need all the spaces that they can get in a wheeled backpack.

Men on the other hand may opt for something more classic in looks and styles. However, in as far as color is concerned, neutral shades are highly preferred.

Unlike women, men are not very particular about what style to pick. However, for those who are techie, backpacks with special compartments for gadgets will be a welcome alternative.

Techie men can also find useful trendy solar backpacks that are lately popular among electronic gadget enthusiasts. This type of backpack can be used to charge all type of handheld electronics.

Senior citizens will really find these rolling backpacks very ideal because of their functionality and durability. Most adults find it very difficult to carry heavy bags.

They usually run out of breath whenever they are loaded with bags on both hands. Using backpacks with wheels, they do not have to worry about carrying heavy burden no more. Using rolling backpacks will help them to carry their luggage with ease.

Adults have very special needs. Thus, when it comes to rolling backpacks, there are those that are made especially for them.

However, this does not mean that they can no longer own what their grandchildren have. In fact, rolling backpacks are classic pieces that appeal to everyone regardless of their colors, sizes or designs.

Convincing reasons to buy a Wheeled backpack

Rolling back packs generally find use with students and motor cycle travelers. It affords convenience and combines style.

Plenty of care is necessary while selecting backpacks on wheels. When used for students, you should limit the weight carried in the back pack to 20% of the student’s body weight so that injuries can be prevented.

The rolling back pack needless to say offers a great amount of convenience to the student. Here are some of the important attributes of roller backpacks.

  • Full lining, adjustable strap in the centre, in-line skate wheels, excel zippers of the self repairing type, retractable handles with two or more sections, padded backs that are comfortable, padded covers for the wheels, and a mesh pocket in front with a bungee cord.
  • Another variation can be: A front loading compartment that is large enough, a zippered pocket in front with an organizer, a handle system that is recessed and retractable, skate-style wheels 2×2 inline type, a meshed pocket to hold water bottle, and another similar pocket with flap for accessories, padded back affording comfort, fold down type wheel cover, and back straps that are well padded.
  • You can also consider a strong frame and sturdy wheels to ensure a smooth ride, retractable handle, tuck away straps enabling lighter loads to be carried with ease, made of pack fabric that is rugged, has a ballistic nylon bottom. Offering 2 main compartments, 2 meshed pockets for holding water bottle, and front pockets with an organizer panel for keeping supplies.

Why the rolling back packs?

As explained above, the rolling back packs offer variety, addresses the different needs of students across age groups and affords comfortable carriage of the educational needs all through the year.

In addition to this it also provides the right looks setting them away from the adult back packs and carry on luggage. Students are often called upon to walk through hallways that are crowded.

The wide and padded straps would allow the backpacks to be carried on such occasions. And when pulling it in the upright position, the long handle makes the task easier.


While the backpacks with wheels are ideal in several conditions and work well on pavements and side walks, it can pose problems while walking on snow or across fields or vacant lots.

Negotiating the narrow aisles of a school bus can also be challenging at times. On a balanced view, the rolling backpacks do offer a great amount of convenience.

How to Choose a Wheeled Backpack

Smooth and Durable Rolling Wheels

Wheels are the most important part of a wheeled backpack. As you’re going to carry huge weight through the backpack and the backpack roll over the wheels, so those wheels must be durable enough.

Otherwise wheels may crush due to heavy weight. Wheels also should be roll smoothly. So that you can easily lift your bag anywhere.

Top Handle

Top Handle is also another important part of a backpack with wheels. It will help to pull the bag with your contents. Check the length of the top handle and softness before buying a wheeled backpack. Durability of the top handle also important to use the bag for a long time.

Shoulder Straps

Sometimes you may also need to carry the roller backpack on your back. So most of the rolling backpacks come with shoulder straps. These straps and adjustable and padded enough to carry the bag for a long time with maximum comfort. Some backpacks also come with chest and waist straps to reduce weight from the back.

Wheel and Shoulder Strap Hiding Feature

As you need to carry the backpack on your back, so your backpack must have wheel hiding feature. Otherwise, your clothes will go messy because of wheels grime.

This feature only available in premium quality and modern backpacks with wheels. Most of the backpacks come with shoulder strap to carry the backpack on the back. But when you carry the backpack through wheels, you need to hide shoulder strap to keep them safe from dirt or dust.

Waterproof or Not

A waterproof or water-resistant backpack is most important for a traveler. They travel in various places with various environments. So you must take-care your contents to keep them safe from rain, water, snow, dirt or dust.

A waterproof backpack is also important for those people who need to carry their laptop through the backpack and want to keep their laptop safe.

Laptop Compartment and Protection

Most of the people carry their laptop while they are on the move through their backpack for personal or business purpose. Choosing the right rolling backpack with a laptop compartment and premium protection will be best for your laptop.

As rolling laptop backpack is available in the market, so you can easily find a rolling backpack with secure laptop protection. You can also check some awesome rolling laptop backpack here.

Storage Capacity

Different size backpack available in the market with different internal storage capacity. At first create a list of those stuff that’s you want to carry using the bag. This will help to buy a right size backpack with perfect storage capacity.

Lightweight and Durability

A backpack should be lightweight enough to carry some extra contents. You’re going to buy a rolling backpack, but sometime you may also need to carry it in your back. So weight is important fact. Check the empty weight before buying a backpack.

You may not want to buy two or three backpacks in a year. So check the durability of the backpack that you are going to buy. Generally backpacks made of polyester, canvas fabric or nylon materials are highly durable.

Final Thought

So here are the most common things we listed in this post that you can consider before buying a rolling backpack. Choosing the right backpack will help to save your money and time.