Which Sauna is Best for Me?

What is the best sauna? Well, if you ask any sauna manufacturer, they will say that theirs is the best!  Here at thebeautymax.com, we are not a sauna manufacturer and are not partial to any one sauna maker.

We just want to connect our readers with best saunas for them. That said, the best sauna for you depends on what you are looking for. In this article we will cover the different types of saunas and the features that they hold so you can choose the best one for you and your family.

Indoor Sauna vs Outdoor Sauna

When deciding the right sauna for you, the first choice you will need to make is, do you want your sauna to be indoors or outdoors? You will need to choose the appropriate location for the sauna based on the type of sauna that you select.

For example, if you go with a very traditional sauna like a smoke based sauna, which involves fire, you will most definitely want it to be outdoors. Also, if you choose to go with a wet based sauna, such as a steam based sauna, you will need to have some type of water source.  This can be more easily accomplished indoors. However, the presence of steam and moisture requires a good ventilation system.

No matter what type of sauna you go with, it will most likely need some type of power souce. This is also important to keep in mind before you place your sauna 100 feet deep into your backyard.

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Dry Sauna vs Wet Sauna

The next choice you will have to make is if you should get a dry sauna or a wet sauna. As a rule of thumb, dry saunas, such as the infrared sauna, are best sauna for indoors because they do not create any type of moisture, and do not require an extensive ventilation system. Moisture is bad for most walls and ceilings in your home.

This is not to say that wet saunas can never go indoors. If you look at some health clubs, they offer indoor access to steam rooms.  However, if you choose to place a wet sauna indoors, it would be wise to have it built into a place that is designed to handle moisture, such as a bathroom setting where tile and linoleum flooring are abundant!

Regular Heater vs Infrared Heater

If you choose to go with a dry sauna, you will have yet another choice to make. You will have to choose if your sauna will be heated by regular electric heaters, or infrared heaters.  Regular electric heaters are just ordinary heaters that increase the temperature of the room. This heating system uses the traditional sauna method of convection. If you would like to know how convection works, you can check out our article HERE.

Here at infrared sauna solutions, we are partial to the infrared heater for a variety of reasons. The biggest reason why we love this type of sauna is because it accomplishes the same and better results of a traditional sauna without as much risk. For example, an infrared sauna can create the same results as a normal sauna while operating at a much lower temperature. If you would like to know more about how the infrared sauna works, and why we think it is the best sauna, you can check it out HERE.

Size Matters

The final choice that will determine which sauna is the best for you, is the choice of size. Saunas come in all types of sizes and shapes. There are 1 person saunas, 2 person saunas, even 3 and 4 person saunas. They even make saunas to fit snugly into a corner and some saunas are shaped like a barrel.

Before you choose which size sauna to get, we would encourage you to physically measure out the space that you are thinking about placing the device. Nothing would be worse than purchasing a sauna, waiting it to arrive and getting halfway through the assembly process before you realize that it won’t fit!

One Final Note:

If you choose to buy an outdoor sauna, please make sure you place it outdoors. And if you choose to buy an indoor sauna, you will want to make sure you place it indoors. We have come across a few stories where sauna owners decided to place their indoor saunas outside, so it could be close to the pool, or even in the garage, because of space. This led to the saunas not working properly for various reasons. The most common reason for malfunction is that indoors saunas are not designed to be out in the weather, they will not heat properly, and vice-versa.

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