Spray Tan Machines – Buyer’s Guide

Before you decide to buy any spray tan machine, you should be clear on your reasons for buying as this will make a big difference in the nature of the equipment you will need to obtain.

Put simply, will your equipment be used for home, mobile or salon use?

Here are some tips to help you find the best spray tanning equipment to meet your needs–and find a good price on the equipment as well.

How to Find the Best Spray Tanning Machines of 2018

Luckily, most of the major manufactures of spray tan tool (airgun and airbrush tanning equipment), suppliers such as Paasche, Iwata and Badger, will supply equipment to all three sectors of the market.

However, certain companies have become well-known for their expertise in certain areas: Paasche have had great success with their home and mobile tanning equipment; Iwata are renowned for wonderful quality pro and semi-pro equipment; Badger are pioneers in high-end professional grade equipment.

So before you buy, be clear on your requirements, establish your budget, research your suppliers online, and talk to other users, friends and any salons in your area.

The Process of Spray Tanning

So how does spray tanning work? Well, a fine spray of dilute DiHydroxyAcetone (DHA) is applied to the skin using a pressure driven airbrush or a spray gun.
DHA is a harmless, colorless sugar. Once applied it slowly reacts with the amino acids that are found in the outer (dead) layers of our skin and, gradually (it usually takes a few hours), this reaction produces a brown, natural looking, pigmented finish.

As the outer layers of skin are shed, the spray tan slowly fades in much the same way a natural tan would.

What Spray Tan Solution Does

As you might expect, the quality of the finish depends not only on levels of equipment and skill, but also on the quality of the spray tan solution. Different blends and strengths will suit certain skin types, and a wide range of tones and finishes can be achieved.

Many solutions will contain anti-aging, protective and moisturizing additives, still others will be designed to fade quickly. So talk to your supplier to ensure you get the best match for you.

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Home Spray Tan Machine Ins and Outs

Home spray tan kit is designed for people who wish to spray themselves. Small hand-held airbrush systems are well suited to this sector of the market and, although these smaller airbrush systems are not as fast as professional-grade spraying units, the tan mist delivery is extremely fine and gentle.

This gives home users time to spray themselves without excessive delivery. But be warned–spraying yourself does take some practice, and you might want to ask your partner to spray your back.

Although small airbrush systems are perfect for home use, more experienced home-users often prefer the faster deliver of a spray gun system.

These units deliver the tanning mist faster, and under greater pressure. They are perfect for rapid application, but are probably not ideal for the complete novice.

Understanding Mobile Spray Tanning Machine

Mobile spray tan equipment is naturally more rugged than home equipment. Hand-held airbrushes will typically be used for facial work, with airguns used for larger body areas.

Turbine tan delivery systems are popular with mobile tanning services, as these allow for rapid delivery and, when necessary, reasonably fine detailing.
Some turbo fan system can be rather noisy, so if you are considering one as an option, you should see and hear it in action before you make a decision.

Commercial Tanning Machine

Commercial spray tan kit is designed for continuous professional salon use. This type of equipment will often be used with commercial tanning beds and fixed spray booths.

Salon equipment is, by far, the most expensive option and would represent a significant investment. However, these types of commercial tanning beds and professional spray systems are built to last, and many manufacturers will offer ranges of used and fully refurbished units to commercial customers.

Salons will typically employ both high-delivery turbo fan systems and low-rate, fine-detailing, airbrush systems. Commercial grade extractor units will almost certainly be required.

There are of course many variations on these general themes, but the three main categories and grades of spray tanning kit are: home, mobile and commercial; and you need to fully understand your requirements if you are to ensure you select the right equipment for you. Good luck with your search.

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