The Best Makeup for Teens, Tweens and Kids of 2019

Discover the best makeup kits for tweens and teens ! Teenage girls love getting new makeup and, for preteens, this is a happy experience to get started with. I remember as a preteen, I would always want to get started and start experiencing with makeup. Right now that I’m already an adult, so I’m excited to guide you into the best makeup sets for kids and teenage girls.

The Best Cosmetic Kits for Girls of 2019

Shany Small Girls Makeup Kit – A Simple Small Kit for Tweenies


If you’re searching for a small makeup kit for a tween, then this one is a good option. The small kit gently slides to open. It comes with pressed powders (tweens don’t really need to wear this just test which tone best suits her), glittery lip glosses, different eyeshadow colors, and more.

The make up kit is sturdy compare to other .99 cent cosmetic kits that easily get damaged. She’s going to have enough eye shadow colors, blushes, and pressed powder to play around with.

Shany Carrier Train Case Makeup Set


The Shany Carrier train case makeup set is an excellent option for adolescents. The carries comes with beautiful eye shadow colors, applicators, mirrors, lipsticks, blushes, and more. Teenagers or professional makeup artist would love to receive such kit like this one. It not only includes makeup, but nail polish as well.

The carrier makes it very convenient to place and keep everything organized. If you have a professional makeup guru on mind or an adolescent who loves makeup, then this kit is just perfect for it.

Shany Makeup Brush Set


There is nothing better to give a makeup junkie along with their kit a set of cosmetic brushes. There is a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a set of brushes, however, the Shany Brushes are great quality and affordable. I personally have purchased brushes that are up to $60 dollars that offer the same quality than Shany cosmetic brushes.

The kits have a good quality of makeup but some of them don’t come with all the brushes and if they do, those brushes are not long lasting as this set. The set is a 12 piece brush set that comes with five different colors from you to choose for her.

Pretty Girl Makeup Kit For Tweens


Preteens, ages 12-13 are beginning to play with cosmetic. They are looking for some fun colors to add to their young faces. They don’t need a big kit with many different color options since most of the time they want something bright. I just love how this kit has all these bright colors perfect to match with each season specially summer and spring.

This Shany kit is made for kids and/or adolescents who just want some basic colors. The kit is very well organized, also very convenient to travel and take to school. I like how this kit doesn’t take so much space unlike other huge kits.

The Convenient Makeup Kit!


I know this is NOT a big make up kit but more like a small makeup palette. The e.l.f make up kit is a good one for someone that does not want to carry a larger kit with her. It’s great when traveling since it can fit easily to any bag.The quality of the cosmetic is good and non-messy.

The colors do complement every skin tone, so no worries about that. This is a simple make up kit great for busy girls and even moms.

Jade Makeup Sample for Girls

Tweens are barely starting to experiment with eyeshadow, lipsticks, foundation powder to see which one suits her best. This kit is a sample kit, it’s great option if you’re giving it as a gift for a tween since they’re looking for the right makeup that will suit them.

As for adolescent you would know they like to try different type of makeup brands, this is a great option.

For choosing the right powder is easy, you have 3 easy options which is Light, Medium, or Medium dark.

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Applying Make up Just Like Hollywood Stars

Applying make up just like movie stars is possible. Do you often look through beauty magazines, like Cover Girl, and wish your face looked as nice, shiny and smooth as the movie star’s faces in the magazines or on the front cover? Well it is possible if you follow some simple makeup tips for your skin type:

Unblemished Skin

It is astounding how the focus tends to be on a person’s face and hair even if they have dressed immaculately. People still seem to notice other things besides clothing, when it comes to appearance. Once people are aware of the mysteries of how to put on make up, they can emphasize their best characteristics and convert their face into a masterpiece, so to speak.

Eye Shadow

Some people believe that the eyes are the openings to an individual’s inner personality. It is true that eyes express a certain amount of one’s personality and some folks can tell whether a person is honest or dishonest by looking into someone’s eyes. Make up on the eyes changes a person’s facial appearance however, not the actual depth within them. By way of a few methods to apply make up to each eye, people can have a unique and intriguing look. They can opt to look mysterious or pure, for regular daily activities, or they can dress up the eyes for social gatherings.

The following are some interesting tips on how to apply make up so you can look more natural and as nice as celebrities and hollywood movie stars.

Applying Make up, Selecting Shades:

Your choice for the shades class for each eye will be the determing factor for the complete appearance. Neutral shades like light brown, cream and soft chocolate are wonderful for the workplace and normal daily activities while shades such as gold, gray and tan (like bronze tan) are more audacious and work nicely for attending parties and other social events. If you wish to add a sense of secrecy, you might want to try a sultrier look by using duskier shades like blacks and browns.

How to Apply Make up :

  • Put on a dense coating of foundation over each eyelid
  •  Apply a small amount of concealer, underneath each eye – if you have wrinkles, this step helps cover them up
  • Put on a film of eye make up base – begin at the eyelashes and work your way to the eyebrows – the make up will not wear off as quickly
  • Choose three colors of similar shades
  • Start with the medium shade and put it on each eyelid, beginning with the eyelash area and work your way to where the eye crinkles
  • Choose a darker color of eyeliner next – similar to the eye shadow colors you just used
  • Put the eyeliner on the bordering of your eyelashes – the darkest shade
  • Use a lighter shade (similar to ones already used) for the top eye lining, just to the side that is on the outer side of your face
  • When you get to the section just below the eyebrows, choose a glittery kind of shade similar to the colors you are using
  • Make certain to cover any wrinkles or fine lines

For Folks who Suffer with Acne

Acne can be quite annoying, especially when it is time to go out to a special event and, suddenly, there they are, right on the face. Pimples just pop out onto the face at any given time and it is usually when something important is happening. There is a way to cover them up so no one but you knows they exist. These tips will also help people cover up mild scars and other marks.

The Kind of Face Make up

Currently, you will locate a wide array of reputable brand name make up products, ones that contain ingredients that help people repel acne and ward off bacteria. You can take care of two things at once. You will look nice and be helping your skin at the same time by using these types of make up.

Applying Make up to Acne affected Skin:

For locations on the face that seem to get acne more, you will initially have to prepare the skin with a foundation, one specifically made to help acne. In this line of make up, one can select stick, liquid or powder kinds. Make certain to assimilate the base make up completely, covering all the way to the hairline, and a bit further, and around and underneath your jaw line. Choose you concealer and put that onto the parts of the face affected by acne. Mix it in completely into the skin. The final step includes a luminous powder. Apply the powder over the entire face by dabbing it on and blending it in completely.

Makeup Tips for Girls

Right make up gives a right definition of your face. Generally girls want a light make up for getting a natural look. They are always choosing natural colours like pink, gray, and coral for their skin. Here is a few make up tips represent for young girls.

Make up Applying Tips for Girls

  • Face Make up. For getting soft and bright skin you should take care of your skin properly in regular basis. Every day at the night clean your face from oils and dusts with cleanser. For dark marks and spots use a concealer on your face. Apply highlighted bronze shades on cheeks, forehead and nose, which bring natural shine on your face. Then, apply a light powder on your skin.
  • Eye Make up. At the night party you can wear eye make up otherwise it is not essential. Start with a light eye shadow according to your skin texture on the eyelid and slightly deep eye shadow at the top of the eyelid. Do not use blue shades which give a gloomy look. Use a black or brown liner and put a little Kohl on your eyes which give you an attractive look. By applying mascara in the eyelashes complete your look.
  • Eyebrows. For creating deep eyebrows use a light and natural colour eyebrow pencil and the brush it uniformly.
  • Lipstick Applying. Use light and natural colour lipstick with lip liner for day time and dark colour at the night.

How Girls can use Make Up

Most of the adolescents are use make up or cosmetics at the age of 12 or  13 years old. Go for such a make up which will provide a natural and beautiful look.

Never use heavy make up. After complete make up, you must see the mirror where it is light or bright. No need to apply foundation on your face. Instead of foundation you can use corrector.

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