How to Get Rid of Teenage Acne

It doesn’t have any importance the race or the culture you fit in; once you have reached the age of 13-14 you are exposed to a condition that mostly affects teenagers: teen acne. But, don’t worry, we’re here to help. The following are tips to treat teenage acne.

Teen Acne Can be Traumatic

Most of the time, acne begins during the teenage years. It can come and go for several years. For many people, this is when the worst case of acne is present, although others will go on to have lifelong struggles with the skin condition. It is important to learn how to treat it as soon as possible in order to prevent further recurrences and in order to keep tit under control.

Teenager’s acne can cause emotions to run rampant simply because many teenagers are hypersensitive about their looks during this critical time in their lives. Even one pimple can send a teenage girl into hysterics, although teenage boys struggle with the skin condition too, sometimes even to a larger degree. Acne in teenage boys can particularly troublesome on their chest and back.

Girls may experience outbreaks just prior to their menstrual periods, although this isn’t the only cause of acne in teenage girls. Certain products that are used on the skin can cause acne to occur or worsen. Hormones are a major contributor to acne in teenage males and females. And since there isn’t much you can do about the hormone fluctuations, it is even more important for teens to make good skincare reason for teens to take good care of their skin.

Wearing items that are too tight could also exacerbate acne in teenagers and others. Whether it is clothing, a sports uniform, or something worn only occasionally, make sure it is well fitting and doesn’t constrict any part of the body.

If you have a teenager that experiences severe acne on an ongoing basis, you may want to consult with your healthcare provider to find a treatment that will lessen the severity of the skin condition. Not only can adolescent acne be embarrassing, but it can also be painful and restrict their social life if they are too embarrassed to participate in extracurricular activities. Often the pimple becomes much less severe as age progresses, but it’s important to takes steps to reduce the risk of scarring (both emotional and physical) during this sensitive time.

Some teenagers may need medication to combat serious acne but always discuss this option with your doctor or dermatologist. While there are effective treatments and medications on the market, there are also medications that could be dangerous if not taken as directed. It is important to provide strict supervision any time your teenager is taking medication for any reason.

Tips to Get Rid of The Breakout

Face Washing

One important factor that increases the acne problem is a relatively poor hygiene. It’s a known fact that adolescents are to busy with their preoccupations specific to their age. They easily forget that in order to avoid or treat teenager’s acne is recommended to wash their faces at least twice a day, their hands as often as possible and also avoid touching their faces during the day when the hands are full of impurities.

More than that, they should wash their faces with a natural cleanser and pure water every time they perform an activity that requires a lot of effort which makes them sweat. It’s really important that parents and teachers make sure that teenagers have proper hygiene information.

Let Your Skin Breaths

It would be a good thing if all those adolescents that have long hair would understand that it’s not convenient for the skin to be covered with something that not only irritates very much but is also full of oil. They should make sure that the skin breaths and the pores aren’t filled with oil from their hair.

Don’t Squeeze The Pimples

Teenagers worry quite a bit about how they look, and are often compelled to pop or squeeze the pimples in an effort to make them go away faster. This causes the bacteria to spread to other areas of the skin, resulting acne problems and it can also leave scars.

Don’t Cover Your Pimples With Makeup

A big mistake is frequently made by adolescent girls. They are so ashamed with the pimples on their faces that they cover them with make-up. Of course this leads to more irritation of actual pimples and development of new ones by clogging pores with powder or any other teen makeup they may use.

Go to Bed at Night Without The Make-up On

Unfortunately, that’s not all; many of those girls go to bed at night with the make-up on; it’s a crime for the sensitive skin and not only. If this happens, the skin doesn’t get to breath even during the night and that cause acne for those who already suffer from it and begins at those who haven’t had it yet.

Use Hypo-Allergenic Products

It’s difficult to convince a adolescent girl to live the house without wearing any make-up but a solution would be to make her use hypo-allergenic products to decrease the danger of making the acne cure.

Eat More Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Teenagers eat a lot of processed foods. While no foods have been scientifically proven to cause puberty acne, food allergies can – and do – cause break out. Your adolescent could have unknown food allergies. Encourage them to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Your adolescent wants to clear up their zit, but often, they don’t have the right information to help them to get the right treatment. Talk with them, and give them the information here. Explain that avoiding these things, and taking these steps will help their to cure acne much faster.

Natural Remedies

There are a lot of commercial anti-acne products for teens and many of them can be effective; the problem is that by using a product that is not right for your type of skin or for your age it can get worst and leave scars for the rest of your life.

So, a good idea would be to make your own anti-acne product at home with nothing but natural ingredients; that way you can be certain that you can use it and not exposing your skin to any danger.

Here are a few examples of possible ingredients for a natural home made cleanser for your skin:

  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Patchouli
  • Eucalyptus,
  • Tea tree,
  • Sandalwood or clove.

These are natural herbs that have proven their efficacy to treat acne during the teenage years; they mustn’t be used all together, of course, and you can choose any combination because they all serve the same purpose.

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