Does Toothpaste Get Rid of Acne ? 5 Steps to Use It to Cure Your Pimples

Have you heard about using toothpaste on pimples? You might be wondering if this method works effectively to reduce your pimples. It actually really depends on many factors.

But yes, many experts believe that it is very effective as one of your acne treatment. Many factors, such as your skin type and ingredients in the tooth paste, also affect the effectiveness. Today, I’ll give you the best tips to choose toothpaste for pimples and how to use it correctly.

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1. Choose your tooth paste

Not every tooth paste is great for your acne problem. So make sure that you choose the best tooth paste that contain some ingredients, such as: baking soda, mint, and antibacterial agent. Baking soda is great to exfoliate skin, so it is great to fight against acne. Mint is often used in many skin products because of its capability to maintain your skin’s health. One bacterial agent that you can find in the tooth paste is the Triclosan. Make sure that you choose tooth paste that contains this compound to make it really effective treating your acne.

Do not use any tooth paste that contain Fluoride to treat your acne. It will worsen your acne problem. I understand that this ingredient is very common in most tooth paste. But there are some products that do not have fluoride in it. That would be the best choice to reduce your acne.

You should also avoid toothpaste that contain whitening. It would be very bad for your skin’ health.

2. Wash your skin

Before you apply tooth paste on your pimples, you should wash your skin around your pimples with warm water and face soap to clean it and kill any bacteria living around your pimples.

3. Apply tooth paste on your acne

This is the most important part. You should apply the tooth paste on your pimples very carefully. Use gloves or clean sponge to put thin layer of tooth paste on your pimples. You only need very small amount of toothpaste in this process. Do not put toothpaste excessively on your face to avoid any unnecessary damage to your skin.

4. Leave it for 2-3 hours

By doing this, it will allow tooth paste to work on your pimples. It would work by killing some bacteria inside your pimples and also allowing your pimples to dry. It is normal if you feel some cool feeling. That’s probably caused by the mint in your toothpaste.

5. Wash your face

Now, it is time for you to wash your face thoroughly by using clean face cloth or sponge. Just remember that you should not to break your acne no matter how dry it is. It could cause you some infections if you break it. That’s why you have to be very careful when you wash your face.

Keep doing it everyday and you’ll see your acne start disappearing in less than a month. Combine this method with the other acne treatments on this website to get the best result. You can use this toothpaste to get rid of blackheads on nose too. Always consult with your doctor if you find something wrong in your face.

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