Best Travel Backpacks for Women

Are you a woman who wants a career break? Or a woman who simply like adventure? Or just need to get away on your own for a while? If distance is your passion, just get your backpack and hit the road! To smooth your tour, some hot picks of women’s travel backpacks are recommended.

The North Face Women’s Terra 45 Backpack

This backpack is a delight for women to travel with. It’s purposely built for the female frame. Highlights of Terra 45 include cushy shoulder harness, vertical mesh channel on back panel, load-spreading hipbelt, rain cover, sleeping bag compartment and women-specific fit. Beyond any doubt, Terra 45 is a comfortable, flexible and breathable backpack perfect for travel.

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JanSport Juno 73

Jansport Juno 73 is designed specifically for rugged women craving for adventure. To fit a woman’s physique, this backpack offers strong, stable HDPE framesheet in the back, women-specific shoulder straps and hipbelt. Loading capacity of this backpack is considerable, 72.9 Litres. And it can be extended to 80.3 Litres with the bivy extension sleeve.

Osprey Luna 75

Osprey Luna 75 is their best-seller for ladies. Its size and loading capacity are suitable for all around backpacking. Osprey Luna 75 features a large sleeping bag compartment, a hydration pocket in the convertible top lid and vertical front zip access. This internal frame backpack is women’s best partner on tour.

Buying Guides

For petite or small-framed women, the bulky super large travel packs are always too annoying and out of shape.

They are originally designed for men. So you must be wondering if there are any special travel packs fit for ladies. If yes, what are some shopping considerations that should be taken into account? Find answers from this page.

Sizes and lines should hug a woman’s body perfectly.

Most of the oversized travel packs tend to be made for men. Evidently, ladies can’t feel well with those bulky packs. As a matter of fact, there are some travel packs out there on the market with special designs which can fit a woman’s body perfectly. And the size is compressed without sacrificing the loading capacity.

For instance, the Salta series from Eagle Creek are just customized for ladies customs.

Salta pack features a narrow profile and Women’s Contour Fit Suspension System. It’s women’s top optional for longer trips.

Ladies need to look stylish on tour.

Ladies must want to look good anywhere, even out there in the wild. Yet we can’t define “good” for you. Every girl has the right to make her own fashion statement. Just pick up the one you like! Our kind reminder is that dark color packs won’t get dirty as easy as light color ones.

Good backpacks should last long.

No one wants to spend too much extra money on travel gear. So we’d better choose a durable pack. Travel packs offered by reliable producers with life time warranty and no-matter-what warranty are preferable. Pay special attention to the warranty when buying travel packs!

Tips to Choose

A suitable wheeled backpack is the must for frequent travelers.┬áIt’s actually the most important companion for you. In this case, you need to be equipped with some tips to make the purchase a success.

– Decide the style according to your trip

The bulky backpack with an external frame is not for everyone. If you need to carry camping or other outdoor activity stuff, it must be probably all right for you to purchase such one. Otherwise, a quality internal frame travel backpack will be enough to hold everything self contained for a common trip. And if it’s a weekend trip you want to make for a relaxed getaway, a large day pack will be perfect then.

– The size should be perfect

It’s not that the bigger, the better.

When it comes to picking a suitable backpack for traveling, you should know some smart packing tips first to ensure a lightweight tour. Usually 3,000-5,000 cubic inches (50-80 liters) is the most common size for travel backpacks. And always go for smaller ones as long as they can hold everything you need. Extra room in the backpack is no use but for excessive souvenirs.

– Choose backpacks of good durability

Remember you actually buy a travel backpack that will work well rather than look nice. When you are on the go, a trustworthy pack is the most reliable friend. And to look for such one, you need to consider the two critical features of the pack – straps and zippers. The straps should be well padded and adjustable for a snug fit. The zippers should be made from good quality metal and the double stitching ones will be better.