Acne Types

Basically, There are 3 different forms or types of Acne and pimples.

1)  Severe Acne

I would define severe adult acne as cyst and nodule acne, though there are even more severe forms of acne like acne conglobata, which is the most severe forms of acne is very rarely seen. These extremely severe types of acne are out of my website context.


A nodule is formed when the pores breaks and a total collapse occurs, causing large and painful bumps on your skin surface.

Nodule grows deep under the skin thus squeezing the pus out would be difficult and you probably would have cause inflammation or even scarring on your skin by squeezing before the pus is squeeze out.

It is considered as severe acne.


Occurs when lesion contains large amount of bacteria, dead cells and white blood cells. Cyst can be identified as huge an irregular shaped large bump that is even more painful than nodule when touched. This severe acne appears in large bumps and honestly looks awful.

Cyst and nodule often appear together, forming nodulocystic. One should not underestimate the impact of this type of Acne. Isotretinoin, more commonly known as Accutane, has been noted as one very effective treatment for severe acne.

Treatment for Severe Acne

Topical treatment like topical creams and topical retinoid has near to zero effect for severe acne. Thus it won’t for wise to try these topical treatments out against severe acne.

Oral antibiotic and accutane are two commonly used treatments for severe acne. Accutane has been known to work wonder for severe acne.Severe AcneIf you happen to suffer from severe acne…….

I would emphasis strongly on immediate attention for severe adult. You should really seek a dermatologist for advice and treatment immediately instead of trying to clear it using acne products.

Your dermatologist would most properly prescribe you an oral antibiotic or get you to undergo accutane treatment. Be preparing that these treatments could last for months and don’t hope for immediate results.

Don’t try to clear your severe acne using acne products you bought outside, it just won’t work. Approach a dermatologist immediately for treatment for severe acne.

2) Moderate Acne

I would define moderate acne as papule and pustule. Both of these papule and pustule could act as an intermediary stage for acne to turn into a more harmful cystic or nodular acne.

Hence it is always wise to try to control your acne at a moderate level before it turns into severe acne. Papule and pustule are inflammatory hence it can be visible to a naked eye. You should understand more about moderate acne before you undergo treatment, click here to know more about papule and pustule.

Treatment for both papule and pustule are the same.Instead of squeezing them, moderate acne can be treated using topical retinoid treatment, topical antibiotics, OTC (over -the-counter) treatment and oral antibiotic or the very prefered combination treatment.

What treatment is suitable for moderate acne?
Moderate acne is start treated usually with topical treatment. If topical treatment don’t work well for moderate acne, than oral antibiotics is used. Topical treatment works for moderate acne, but not as effective as oral antibiotics. There are basically 3 types of topical treatment; it includes OTC (over- the-counter) topical treatment, topical retinoid and topical antibiotic.

3. Mild Acne

Mild acne is also known as comedonal acne, it includes both blackheads and whiteheads. They are non-inflammatory acne hence they can sometimes be invisible under a naked eye. I shall further elaborate both blackheads and whiteheads.


They occur when trapped sebum (oil) and bacteria stay below the skin surface. Sometimes they will show up as tiny spots, other times they may be so small that they will not be visible to the naked eye.


They occur when trapped sebum and bacteria are partially open to the skin surface and turn black due to the skin’s pigment. Many people think that blackhead’s dirt but it is actually not, thus it can’t be washed away easily.

Is it true that mild acne is not harmful at all?

Many people think that blackheads and whiteheads are harmless because they are non-inflammatory but the truth is that, they can be harmful too. Having half of your face covered with whiteheads and blackheads is an alarming sign for you. This seemingly harmless acne could well be the starting stage for your acne to turn into a more harmful papule or pustule and eventually nodule or cyst.

Clear your acne in its early stage is my advice to you. If your acne turn into the more harmful one it would be harder for you to treat, not only that, those more harmful acne could also leave scars on your face for you to remember your mistakes.

Treating Mild acne is easier than clearing moderate and severe acne?

Treating mild acne is easier than treating moderate and severe acne, BUT clearing mild acne is not easier than clearing severe and moderate acne. In fact it is harder.

Why is it so? The reason is because though treating severe and moderate acne would take longer process than treating mild acne, mild acne eruptions occurs so frequent as compared to moderate and severe acne. Clearing off all that tiny many little whiteheads and blackheads on your face is a big challenge because your pores gets blocks too frequently and form comedonal acne.

Treatment for mild acne

Topical retinoid works wonder for comedonal acne treatment. OTC treatment is also frequently used for mild acne treatment. Clearing off all the blackheads and whiteheads would take a very long process (maybe even longer than clearing severe acne) so you have to really be consistent in your treatment and be patient.

If you happen to have mild and moderate acne at the same time, a combination treatment could work best for you.
The fact is that, most, mild acne is not easily notice with naked eyes whereas moderate and severe acne can be easily noticed. Hence having mild acne instead of the more obviously seen moderate and severe acne won’t give you a very awful look. If you don’t want an awful look on your face , you should always keep your acne at mild level.

Why should you keep your acne at mild level?

The fact is that, most, mild acne is not easily notice with naked eyes whereas moderate and severe acne can be easily noticed. Hence having mild acne instead of the more obviously seen moderate and severe acne won’t give you a very awful look. If you don’t want an awful look on your face , you should always keep your acne at mild level.

How can I prevent mild acne from turning into a more harmful moderate and severe acne?

Topical retinoid would work extremely well to prevent whiteheads and blackheads. Applying over-the-counter treatment regularly and occasionally would also do some trick. However, in my opinion, the most effective treatment for mild acne would be your diet. Having a balanced acne-free diet can prevent whiteheads and blackheads from even forming. You can check it out here.

I would strongly urge you to gain access to mild acne treatment knowledge before you purchase any because many over-the-counter products have side effects and topical retinoid too have side effects.

If you’re curious about what causes acne, please visit our page dedicated to answer the question “why do I have acne” and the best solutions to get rid of it.