Best Wall Mount Makeup Mirrors

The wall mounted makeup mirror has become an essential commodity not just in salons but in homes as well. This is the kind of mirror that is hoisted on the wall either in the bathroom or in the bedroom whose main purpose of the mirror is to act as a reference point during makeup application.

Besides, such a mirror also acts as an accessory to improve the appearance of the room on which it is mounted. Out of the available options for makeup mirrors, it is an individual’s preference to go for a wall-mounted mirror.

The other choices would be pedestal mirrors and full size wall mirrors. There are specific details to consider when shopping for a wall makeup mirror.

Magnifying & Lighted Mirror

The mirror could be a true image mirror that reflects your real image when applying your make up. There also are the lighted and magnifying mirrors both of which come in handy to help in precise makeup application.

  • A lighted mirror may come with an inbuilt light source and it helps to dispel any shadows on your face to ensure that you even out your make up appropriately.
  • The magnifying mirror is on the other hand preferred for eye makeup to allow precision. It is particularly helpful to people who wear eyeglasses and would have difficulties applying makeup without them.

There is a wide selection of wall mount mirrors and before purchasing one, it is important to first put into account certain factors.

Things to Consider When Choosing Mounted Makeup Mirror

Buying the right type of wall mount makeup mirror can really be fantastic way to ensure that you’re able to get ready each morning to your own satisfaction. These types of mirrors are really ideal, because they the perfect station for you to put on makeup, wash your face, and practically anything else to do with your own personal hygiene.

But what’s more, they also usually feature all of their own lighting as well, so that you’ve got the perfect avenue to see every aspect of your face, and ensure that you’re able to blend your makeup with total perfection. It’s just a matter of choosing the right type of wall makeup mirror, that you know is going to be ideal for any home.


The mirrors come in different shapes that would again be up to your personal taste. They come in oval, round, square, rectangle and octagon shapes. They would however not be limited to these as more and more innovative shapes are introduced every other day.

Frame or Frameles

After identifying your preferred shape, determine whether you want a framed or frameless makeup mirror. The frames are made of different materials such as wood, metal, and glass. Should you prefer a framed wall mount mirror, you would then have to choose the color of the frame from the available gold, silver, bronze, white, black, and even red.

Choose a Wall that Matches Your Mirror

Having decided on these details, identify the wall on which to put up the mirror. Although the mirrors available are all attractive, you will have to choose one that matches your interior décor. The idea is to create harmony with the overall design of your bathroom or bedroom.

Choose The Right Size

In selecting the right type of wall makeup mirror, you really want to think about size, and that means finding the right type that’s ideal for the area where it will be placed. You can have your makeup station in the bathroom, or even in front of a vanity cabinet.

Either way, you’ll be able to do you makeup with ease, and you can find ideal mirrors for that purpose. In either area, you’re probably going to want a large one, just so that you can ensure that you’re able to arrange your face in a way that’s going to be pleasing to you, and one that will allow you to be totally confident in your appearance.

You will also have to be practical when it comes to the size of the makeup mirror you intend to purchase depending on the size of your wall. While some people may successfully estimate the size of the mirror they need, taking actual measurements of the width and height of the wall will ensure accuracy. With a makeup mirror, you cannot go wrong with makeup application.

Set The Comfortable height

The mirror will have to be mounted at your comfortable height and it can be either fixed or movable. The movable wall mounted mirror allows you to adjust it to different positions that are most convenient such as depending on the direction of light.

Know Features You Need

Of course, with any type of wall mirror, what you’re going to want to ensure that you’re able to do, is have the right type of even covering of light, so that you can ensure you’re able to blend your makeup the right way.

You want to avoid shadows, as they can hinder your ability to get the job done. So that means you want to find a mirror that features several different light fixtures to promote coverage in a variety of different areas. That way, you can ensure you’re able to hit every angle, and keep yourself looking fantastic every day.


Remember also that your wall mirror can be quite useful for other purposes as well. For example, you can purchase the cabinet style mirrors, so that you can ensure you’re able to store all sorts of items inside. Through different types you can find them to be the perfect medicine cabinet, or the ideal place for you to store jewelry. It’s just a matter of finding the right type of cabinet to really get the job done.

Where to Buy

When you’re looking to buy the best wall mirror, you can find options practically anywhere. Through all sorts of stores like Bed Bath & Beyond, or also retailers like Walmart and Target, you can find the perfect mirror for any room of your home, or any need. That way, you can ensure you build the perfect makeup station, with the perfect wall mirror to help you look your best every morning when you wake up.

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