Our Top 3 Favorite Men’s Wet Dry Electric Razors & Shavers

Welcome to Our Guide to The Best wet dry electric razor. Here are some of the wet dry electric shavers that are available which we would recommend.

As they say, it always helps to have options available to you and this is also true whenever it comes to the shavers that we are going to choose. Some of us enjoy shaving in the shower every day, while others like the fact that we are standing in front of a mirror and near the sink. It is not necessary for you to limit yourself as far as this is concerned, however, and there are some excellent wet and dry electric shavers that are available on the market for you to choose from.

Not only are these convenient items because you can easily take them into the shower with you, but it also helps those of us that use them at the sink as well. Whenever we are finished, we can simply rinse the shaver clean and it is ready to be used the next time. Here are some of the wet and dry electric razors that are available which we would recommend.

Panasonic ES8078S Vortex HydraClean Wet/Dry Shaving System

Not only is this backed by the excellent brand name of Panasonic, it also has many of the options which you would expect from a high-end shaver at a price that is fairly reasonable. You can easily take this one in the shower with you, and get a closer shave but it is also possible to use it outside of the shower with much the same effect.

Perhaps one of the most convenient parts about this particular wet dry electric razor is the fact that after you are done, you simply put it back into the recharge unit and allow it to clean the shaver for you. It uses a patented system to take care of this which recycles alcohol through the blades. This helps to not only clean them, but to renew them and keep them as sharp as possible for the long term.

Panasonic ES8043SC Pro-Curve Pivot Wet/Dry Shaver

This is another excellent product that comes from Panasonic which can be used in the shower or at the sink. One of the more convenient things about this particular shaver is the fact that the entire head pivots, which can help us to get into all of those areas which are difficult to reach with a standard shaver. It is a very fast charging shaver, and can go from completely empty to fully charged in one hour. Along with that, it also has a five minute emergency charge for those of us that may have forgotten to put it on the charger the last time we used it.

Philips/Norelco HS8420 HS-8420 Nivea Conditioning Shaver

This is an excellent recharging shaver and it has some features which make it rather attractive, even if the actual look at the shaver is somewhat unusual. One of the most popular features about this wet dry electric shaver is the fact that it puts out a little bit of moisturizing cream as it is shaving. This not only assists you to get a very close shave, but it also keep your face from drying out as a result of the shaving process.