Best Electric Shavers for Women to Buy in 2019

Women deserve best quality razors too! Just because we don’t shave our faces, it doesn’t mean that any razor will have the same results. In this article you will find the top electric razor for women can find to make their lives easier and to look hot at all times!

The best electric razors for women of 2019 are great at removing excess hair from the body and they do it with comfort and good maneuverability. Start getting a good shave and enjoy the sexy feeling of having smooth, irritation-free skin!

Gillette Venus Embrace Pink Razor


The Gillette Venus Embrace is the perfect shaver for women and it is refillable so you will be doing your part to help the environment! This razor glides easily over the skin, getting rid of unwanted body hair while being gentle on your skin. It has 5 blades, a moisturizing strip and lasts for a long time.

Quattro Women’s Trimstyle


Do you want a razor that also helps you groom your bikini line? Look no further, the Schick Quattro Trimstlye is perfect for the job. The razor has a four-blade system to take out hair in less passes and the handle comes with a built-in motorized waterproof trimmer. The pivoting head easily follows the contour of your body without causing damage.

Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Womens Razor


This 3-blade razor has two special shaving gel bars at the sides, so you just fill them and forget about using additional shaving soap or cream – just add water! This razor is perfect to use on the shower and the white tea scent is simply delicious.

Gillette Venus ProSkin MoistureRich Womens Razor


This is another triple-blade Gillette razor that comes with shave gel bars at the sides, but this one comes with MoistureRich, a formula with a triple blend of body butters to ensure you get the most comfortable shave and keep your skin protected. If you have dry skin this razor will help you avoid problems after shaving.

Schick Women Razor


The Schick Hydro Silk razor comes with 5 “curve sensing” blades to help you avoid irritation and an ergonomic handle for easy manipulation even on those areas that are hard to shave properly. The razor uses an oval cartridge which is surrounded by a moisturizing serum that is activated with water. It is safe for all skin type( including sensitive skin).

Schick Quattro Women’s High Performance Razor


This was the first 4 blade razor introduced for women. The pivotal head makes sure that the razor don’t end up producing cuts and the conditioning strips help you get a good shave without losing your skin’s natural moisture. It works with Schick Quattro Women’s Ultra Smooth or Sensitive blade refills. The Ultra Smooth refills include Acai Berry and Jojoba strips.

Women’s Gillette Venus Divine Razor



The Gillette Venus divine come with a 3 razor blade system for close results, and they include two coating layers to help the blades glide easily over your skin. The intensive moisture strips include natural aloe and botanical oils so you are getting the best from nature with each shave. It’s pricier than other models but totally worth using it for looking sexy! The skin smoothing cushions help lift the hair.

Gillette Venus and Olay Razor


This razor is similar to the ones above that have shaving gel strips at the side, but this comes with Olay skin conditioners to help you avoid dryness and itchy skin after shaving. The 5 blades in the head (which is pretty large by the way) help you get a close shave. Just wet the razor and start applying it on those zones with unwanted body hair. Packs includes 1 handle, 1 cartridge and 1 shower hook.

Schick Intuition Naturals Sensitive Care Razor


An all-in-one shaving solution by Schick. This sensitive care razor provides two incredible ingredients for skin care and protection: Aloe a Vitamin E, and it is free of fragrance and artificial colors to avoid reactions on sensitive skin. The contoured cartridge and pivotal head have been designed specifically to follow the feminine contours of your vody.

BIC Soleil Bella Four Blade Shaver (Disposable)


If you are looking for the best budget razor out there in the market, these are a very good alternative. You simply won’t find a better shave for this price. These razors have 4 flexible blades, a pivoting head and a scented handle for… well I don’t know why really, but they smell quite good!

Best Electric Shavers

When you think of an electric shaver, most people automatically assume men, but there are electric shavers for women also known as women’s electric razors. These shavers are designed specifically for ladies who do not want to go through the hassle of shaving with a standard razor.

There are a variety of links for you to check out if you have any questions or are looking for a sale. We have spent the better part of this year going over and testing the most popular women’s electronic shavers, and we found some very good shavers that impressed us a lot. Below are our reviews of the top ladies electronic razors we discovered.

Panasonic ES2207P Close Curves Wet/Dry Ladies Shaver


The Panasonic ES2207P is the top selling electric shaver made with women in mind, and for two reasons: the good results and affordable price. It comes with a triple blade system for a super close shave, a pop up trimmer to take care of longer hair and on top of that it is water-resistant so you can use it in the shower safely. This electric shaver comes with floating heads that adapt to the natural curves of your body, allowing you to obtain great results with the least amount of irritation! Keep your body looking sexy with this shaver!

The Panasonic ES2216PC


The Panasonic ES2216PC is an excellent women’s electronic shaver. The first thing we noticed about this product was that it claimed to have the sharpest blades of any ladies electric-powered shaver.

I’m not sure if this statement is true or not, but straight out of the box it delivered a nice close shave and did not irritate the skin of any of us. It is a quiet and smooth shaver that can be brought with you if you have to travel somewhere.

The feature we liked the best was that this device can e used wet or dry. Since most of us like to shave our legs in the shower, this was a big plus. If you are looking for an affordable, quality electric-powered razor, then the Panasonic ES2216PC Ladies Shaver is defiantly the one to buy.

Remington WDF4821US Smooth & Silky Ultra


Remington WDF4821US Smooth & Silky Ultra is yet another tremendous electric shaver that any women would be happy with. On the customer reviews we red, many women claimed this to be “the best electric shaver I’ve ever used”.

When we tried this gadget we could not disagree. It gave us a close shave with no irritation to our skin. After a month of using this gadget we found that we were shaving, on average, once every three days.

Compared to most of devices we used, this was excellent. This device is lightweight, compact, and the price is a steal. If you combine price and effectiveness, this is a super deal for any lady who is tired of traditional razors.

Panasonic ES2206AC Ladies Rechargeable Wet/Dry Shaver

This electric shaver comes with three shaving heads for close shaves or for longer hairs. This Panasonic is a rechargeable shaver that can be used dry or in the shower.

All of us liked this rechargeable shaver a lot and we were happy with the close shave and quick recharging capability. If you want a good shaver at an affordable price, the you should check out the Panasonic ES2206AC Ladies Rechargeable Shaver.

Tips and Advice For Buying Ladies Shavers

When have made the decision to buy a ladies electronic razor here are a few tips you should think about. Make sure the device you are buying has a warrantee and a money back guarantee. If something goes wrong you want to be able to get your money back, and most reputable companies will have and these guarantees in their offer.

If they don’t, move on and choose another shaver. Also, be sure to read the customer reviews on the particular shaver you are going to buy. By reading what other people have to say, you can avoid spending money on an electric shaver that is not what you want or expected it to be. Follow these tips, visit the resources provided on this page, and you will find the best ladies electric shaver that you have been looking for.

Women’s Shaving Tips

  • Do you have problems every time you shave? Check out these useful tips to get a good shave and show off your sexy and smooth skin!
  • Wet your skin with warm water before shaving. This will help opening up your pores so your hair can come off easier. A better alternative is to shave while taking a hot shower.
  • Apply moisturizer to your skin after shaving. Every time you shave your skin loses some of its natural moisture, so you need to replenish it with a good moisturizer.
  • Don’t pass the razor over the same area too many times. This can easily lead to cuts and irritation.
  • Change your razor blades regularly. Many women make the mistake of using a blade for too much time without knowing that this can cause irritation on the skin.
  • If you have razor bumps and ingrown hair problems, I recommend you use Tend Skin to get rid of them. Apply it in the morning and at night.