Shaving Tips for Women

For those ladies who have already started shaving some parts of their bodies—like the armpits and the legs—because they have to, or even if just because you wanted to, this article is for all of you. Women’s shaving is something that should be thought of before anyone eventually sets on doing it.

Simple Ladies Shaving Tips

Young ladies out there should definitely have to be sure that this is really something that you really wanted to do. This is because once you started shaving, there is no turning back—you need to keep on doing it.

Take note that stubble can look even worse than those fine hairs that you have prior your first venture on women’s shaving. Remember that if you are blonde, or you have those really fine hairs, then it follows that the hair on your legs and in your armpit are not that noticeable yet. What is ideal for you to do is to ask form other people’s opinion—your close friend, your older sister preferably. You can also check this out with your mom; if she gives you the go signal, then you can venture out. However, if she refuses, then what you can do is to wait.

Nevertheless, if you think you will not be able to wait, and you are on intent on starting the shaving process, then you can convince your mom to choose a nice and cool shaving cream and also those disposable razors that you can you use in shaving. This way she will think that you will be doing it with her guidance and permission as well.

Now, considering that you will really be starting the process, here are the things that you will certainly need: a women’s disposable razor, and of course the shaving cream. A word of precaution here, never use the brand that your dad or brother is using, make sure that you will use women’s brand. If you do not want creams, you can also opt for soap or body wash. Although, you still have to know that shaving creams are a lot better than the ordinary soap. However, if you have no choice but to use soap, have the liquid version one—the body wash rather than the soap bar.

However, this suggestions are only good if you are going to use a blade razor, since this gives much better service than the electric ones. Moreover, if ever, you need to utilize an electric one, you will need to shave the hair off completely in a dry state, no need for any cream and no need for a shower, too.

In addition, here are the ways on how you can start the shaving process.

  • You need to shower first. This is going to get all your hairs softer and will result to a smoother and easier shave using your blade. If first stop is your armpits, make sure that they were already exposed to the shower water earlier so that they will have enough time to soften well.
  • While inside the shower, apply on the shaving cream or the soap lather for that matter, this is without the running water already. Then you can start shaving—begin from the bottom and going to the top. There is usually no need to go about your knees especially if you do not have those obvious hairs there.
  • The considered tricky bits that you will do are those around your ankle. Do not fall to the usual mistakes of not beginning low enough, then missing some bits just because of the bony bumps. After your ankle is the knee, which is also a bony bump, just remember no to forget the back part.
  • When you are in your knees, one helpful tip here is to shave your knee straight as a start, then again another round when it is bent. The next step is to rinse off and to check for those missed bits.
  • Next stop is your armpit. While you are in the shower, lift your arm in an upward straight position, then bend one elbow in a backward direction until your fingers are resting on the back part of your shoulders. This position will certainly give those armpits of yours the best exposure that they will need for the shaving act. Shave in two directions, then. One easy step is to shave the first one in the same way that the hairs are growing. After this, you can re-apply the shaving cream this time in the opposite direction. Rinse well and check also for any missed part.

With these simple guidelines, you have already started your first women’s shaving process. Moreover, allow me to tell you that the first time can be always a little difficult, but when you get to the next times, things will be easier. Just be careful that you do not cut or hurt yourself in doing so. This is actually your first step in entering the more complicated part of life—the womanhood. Good luck and happy shaving always.

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