Best Cute Sun Hats for Women

Women’s Sun hats including big straw hats, cotton twill sunhats, sun visors, western hats, floppy and panama sun hats are perfect for hot summer days. Sun hats are actually considered essential beach accessories for any beach goer or woman that spends any length of time in the sun today.

The perfect summer beach accessory along with a good pair of sunglasses for a woman is a cute women’s sun hat for the best sun protection. Shop from a wide selction of women’s sunhats today at any of our featured sponsors.

Your sunhat of choice is a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. Any woman participating in an outdoor sports or activities, like tennis, golf, or gardening should opt to wear a sun visor.

If your seeking the ultimate in sun protection and style, then opt for the oversized floppy brim sunhat in natural straw, white, bright or sorbet shades. The feminine woman can opt for the cute rolled brim sun hats in natural.

The woman that enjoys swimming and going to pool or beach can wear her sunhat with a swimsuit, sarong and flip-flops and be entirely ready for some serious summer fun.

#1 Helen Kaminski Vilamoura Novelty Fringe

This women’s straw hat is perfect for that upcoming vacation at the beach. Travel the tropics or anywhere that’s sunny in style with Helen Kaminski’s fringed sun-hat, featuring a hand-rolled raffia string and small side logo. Purchase this pretty hat at Bloomingdale’s by clicking the banner below:

#2 Women’s Spring Hat – Cappelli Women’s Fabric Rosette Trim Raffia

Buy this women’s cute Spring hat now before it’s gone! Drastically reduced, a Cappelli hat at a fantastic price, add free shipping to the mix and you’ll have money left to book that well deserved vacation.

#3 Cute Floppy Sun hat – Florabella Rosalee

For a girlish look, rock this women’s floppy sunhat at the beach or resort this summer. Stay chic and protected from the sun in this fashion forward Florabella beach hat. Features include natural color, crochet raffia weave, and scallop trim.

Purchase this floppy sunhat at The Orchid Boutique:

Cute Women’s Hat for the Beach!

The perfect sunhat will not only shade you from the harsh sun, but it will also make you look like you stepped out of Vogue.This beach hat will look beautifully around the contours of your face.

Purchase this women’s beach hat below at Amazon.

Physician Endorsed Sunhat

Protect your skin and your style with a Physician Whether you are on a resort getaway, on a cruise vacation, beach wedding or at home, this ultra fashionable Physician Endorsed sunhat with just a touch of sparkle brings understated glamour anywhere you go. This women’s hat has been tested and rated 50+UPF equivalent to 30+SPF. Physician Endorsed means sun protection with style.

Purchase a Physician Endorsed Sunhat below at Amazon.

Sun Protection Sunhat – Margherita Sunhat from Physician Endorsed

This lovely straw hat is for the woman that wants the best sun protection she can get!

 A zig-zag pattern splashes the underbrim of the Margherita sunhat from Physician Endorsed. Drawstring within the inner sweatband allows for an adjustable fit.

Wear this sunhat with confidence, knowing you are protected from the sun!

Cute Women’s Fedora Sun hat – bebeHat

Cool and light for the summer time, slip on a pretty women’s fedora sunhat. Find your island-inspired style with this bebe straw hat. Woven paper ladies sunhat has a wide brim to protect from the sun; brim can be flipped up or out depending on your preference. Concave, rounded top. A printed, multi-colored print sash loops the base. A plume of coordinating feathers finishes the decoration; beveled jewel anchors the embellishment. One size fits most

Women’s Cap – Patagonia CapHat

Women’s caps seems so much less tough in these lightweight, super-soft fabrics. A classic women’s cap with modern appeal, this sharp Patagonia vented longbill cap has a dark underside to reduce glare. Cap will fare you well during uptown adventures and outdoor excursions alike. Mesh side panels for breath-ability and all-day comfort.

Crusher Bucket strawHat – Jackie O Sunhat

The Jackie O sunhat in blush is a new look in bucket sun hats for women this summer. By deLux, this hat makes an excellent addition to summer fashion accessories.

Cute Western Sunhats for Women

Physician Endorsed Naples sun visor in 100% cotton with 5 inch brim, zip-away crown and Velcro closure. Sun protection factor of UPF 50+. Perfect women’s hat for golf, garden, or beach! New women’s sun visor with its oversized peak is a sure-favorite. Purchase this women’s sun visor at: Women’s Hats

Tilley Endurables TH9 Women’S Hemp – Eco-friendly strawHat

Constructed of all-natural hemp – Nature’s Performance Fabric – this elegant yet hard-working women’s sunhat will keep you stylish and eco-friendly. Versatile – each hat comes complete with three interchangeable colored hatbands (in a reuseable hemp pouch) to suit your every whim.

Dressed up or down, the sun-hat’s linen-like feel and appearance take fashion and function to a whole new level. Guaranteed for life!

Stylish Girls’s Sunhat – Big Bow Women’s Cloche

By David & Young Hat, this Big Bow Cloche offers carefree summer style. Wear this stylish girls’s sunhat with a sundress or swimsuit to complete your look.

Whether its a women’s hat by Nine West, Jessica Simpson hat, Fossil hat, or Lauren by Ralph Lauren Hat, any of them will making headlines all year long! Visit Macys for a wide selection of stylish women’s hats by clicking the banner below:

Women’s Cloche Hats

Trendy summer fashions for 2019 will include feminine fashions reminiscent of the 20’s through the 40’s. This was a time when all ladies wore hats including the cloche hat. The featured women’s cloche hats are perfect to wear on any summer outing and can keep you in trend on your summer getaway.

How to Dress for a First Date

Going on a date with someone special for the first time is always exciting, but it can also be very stressful. One of the biggest stress creators is figuring out what to wear.

You always want to look your best, but deciding exactly what clothing and accessories are appropriate and stylish can
be difficult. As they say… first impressions are major impressions and they often effect much more than how the person
feels about your fashion sensibilities.

Here are some great tips…
…on how to make sure you look great so all you have to worry about is great conversation.

Keep It Simple:
First dates are not the time to try out the latest in trendy fashion. You want your clothing to say something about you…
but you don’t want to let it talk too loudly. Stick to cuts and colors that you know look good on you and portray a classy
air. If you want to incorporate the current “in” look, do so in small doses. Perhaps you can wear them in accessories
such as scarves or shoes. You will always feel and appear more confident in clothes that are a little on the safe side. Always be sure you personality speaks more than your outfit.

Stay a Little Conservative:

While you don’t need to dress like a ninety year old woman or a nun, you do want to keep your look a little more toward the conservative end. More conservative looks can still be sexy, and leaving a little something to the imagination is often more sexy than skin-tight or overly revealing clothing. Like it or not, men are visual creatures. You want to get him
looking at you in a positive way. Men may be very vocal about being attracted to women who dress as if they should be
standing on a street corner or dancing around a pole, but the truth is that these women aren’t typically the ones they
take seriously when looking for “relationship material”. Plain and simple, dressing respectfully means you will be treated
more respectfully.

Don’t Forget Comfort:

Dressing in an ensemble that looks great is very important… but if you’re miserable in your outfit it will show. While you don’t want to go in anything as comfortable as your sweats or PJ’s, you DO want to make sure that you can easily move and breath without having to endure major discomfort.

Shoes are extremely important to stay positive and comfortable throughout your date. You never know exactly what can happen on a first date and you certainly don’t want to turn down a romantic stroll or after dinner dancing because your feet are killing you. Hobbling is never attractive. Even if you are a master at walking gracefully when your feet are
aching, it will show in your face and demeanor.

Think very carefully about the wearablity of the fabrics you choose as well. If you wear something that is too heavy, you could end up miserably hot—or even worse, you could end up with sweat rings under your arms. If your clothing is too bear or thin, you could end up shivering and not enjoying yourself as you should. Layers are always a good option so
that you can take off items if you get warm or layer them back on if you get chilled. If you are physically uncomfortable,
you simply won’t be able to concentrate fully on the more important aspects of the date. No matter how much you try to hide your discomfort, it is sure to show through.