Zinc for Acne Treatment

Using Zinc to prevent and cure Acne may be new to you, but it could be the best solution to your never-ending enigma with acne. Usually, when someone throws a question on how to deal with or even get rid of acne, the answer to it would be about medical treatment and home remedy using organic masks such as lemon, honey, olive oil, and salt.

Why is it different this time? It is because the causes of acne vary. Everyone will suffer from acne sooner or later. Acne can be caused by the unbalanced productions of hormones such as in teenagers where testosterone takes over control and triggers outbursts.

Menopause and pregnancy are other reasons included in hormonal aspect. Another reason is due to some illnesses such as diabetes. However, those above mentioned causes do not usually respond to the use of Zinc to get rid of  Acne.

Instead, Zinc normally works best when the acne is caused by bacteria or nutrient deficiency. Even so, fighting acne with zinc is worth trying because of the following reason.

How do we use Zinc to treat and prevent Acne?

Zinc is known to be toxin neutralizer nutrient. It is also Zink which controls the productions of hundreds hormones in the body. Since this mineral has anti inflammatory substance and oil control power, it is an essential mineral to take over acne growth.

Zinc works in controlling acne outbreaks this way. As we have been aware of, acne is inflamed area on the skin which becomes reddened, swollen, itchy, and swollen so that will burst as a matter of time.

This is when the bacteria release a toxin namely chematoxin that can triggers inflammation. In the trial of fighting against the bacteria, our immune system issues an inflammation to the dead bacteria, which is actually making the skin condition worse.

Thus, we know that the inflammation is actually done by our body itself without knowing that their action is destructive. Therefore, Zink is actually a natural remedy by utilizing its natural function which has anti-inflammatory substance.

We also use it to prevent acne since it has oil production control on base pores, so the acne caused by overproduced oil can be suppressed. Zinc’s nature that helps curing acne is its function in tissue regeneration, so that the damaged skin can be healed properly and well without leaving horrible scars.

How to get Zinc to Prevent and Help Acne

There are two main ways to get enough Zinc. The first one is to take the natural way by consuming foods and fruits that contain Zinc.

Here are the examples of the 8 good foods richest of Zink are pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, garlic, sesame seeds, watermelon seeds, wheat germ, squash seeds, and chickpeas.

Of course, there are still dozens of foods that are high with zinc. Another way to get enough amounts of Zink is by consuming supplements.

Zinc pills or supplements are widely available in department stores, but if you are unsure you can consult your doctor. In any case, the most important factor of our health and beauty actually lies in our dietary system.

No problem should occur when we are safe from any nutrient deficiency, especially acne. Nevertheless, if you have already been the victims of acne, and are trying to get rid of it, you can try using Zinc.

The Best Zinc Supplement for Acne

If you have acne, you have probably tried many and many different methods to get rid of it. I used to have quite bad acne as well. Until I found the silver bullet: zinc supplement.

So, does zinc really work to cure acne? If you ask me, the answer is yes, definitely! On this page I’m going to convince you of that, and you’ll learn how zinc can cure your acne.

It Takes Some Time

If you start taking supplementary zinc, don’t expect to see results in a couple of days. Depending on your acne and the amount of zinc you take, it may take some months to see any effect. So, this method takes some time but on the other hand is really effective. That’s why you should also e.g. avoid stress, get enough sleep, and be active.

Be patient and your patience will be rewarded!

Where to Get Zinc

Many foods contain zinc. However, if you want to reduce acne with it, you need more than what you can get from everyday food. That’s why you should take supplementary zinc.

You can check your local supermarket or pharmacy since they probably sell zinc. However, I recommend ordering zinc from Amazon. Below are links for good zinc and copper supplements (I’ll tell you later why you should take also copper). I have ordered just the same products so I know the stuff is great.

How Much and When to Take It

I’d say that anything between 30 and 50mg per day is fine and effective.

Taking copper might not be necessary if you take less than 50mg of zinc. If you take it at least 50mg a day, I suggest taking also 2-3mg copper.

However, don’t take zink and copper at the same time because they weaken the absorptions of each other. You could, for example, take copper every morning and zink every evening. (That’s what I do.)

Because many foods contain fiber and calcium which weaken the absorption of the zink, you shouldn’t take it with meals. It’s practical to take it in the late evenings when you haven’t eaten anything in two hours or so.

Some time ago I used take 100mg zinc plus 3mg copper daily and I think it’s the highest safe amount to take.

How Does Zinc helps With Acne

Zinc helps with acne by balancing your hormonal production, doing so the amount of sebum your body produced will be reduced greatly. Not only that, this nutrient also helps in your body’s absorption for vitamin A, which also helps out in your acne treatment. Zinc is also essential for the production of more than 100 enzymes in your body. It helps to enhance our body’s immune system, helps growth development and aids in skin healing process.

With so much benefits zinc gives us to counter against acne, it is no wonder why this mineral has been on comparison with tetracycline.

But do you know that most of us can’t get our body to its full potential to absorb all the zinc we consumed.

Most of us don’t really absorb all the zink we consumed, why is it so? Copper and iron will hinder the absorption of zinc in your body. Therefore you should consume more zink if you do have a diet that has large concentration of copper and iron. Scientist recommends you consume no more than 100 mg of zink per day.

How Can You Increase Your Zinc Intake ?
It is amazingly rare to find sufficient zink in many people’s diet in today’s society. Your diet itself won’t be providing enough zinc for you. Hence I would advise you to depend on supplement to fulfil your daily zink intake.

There are basically two types of supplement available for zinc, zink gluconate and zink monomethionine, the latter also known as Opti-zink. I would strongly encourage you to only buy Opti-zink if you do consider purchasing any zinc supplements because research and statistical results has shown that Opti-zink works best for acne treatment and body’s absorption as compared to other supplement.